Hainan lowers the coronavirus emergency response level to the third level
News source:hihainan.info / By Chen Shumin / 02 26,2020 17:49:00 / News

On the afternoon of February 26, the Information Office of Hainan Province announced at the press conference that from 17:00 on February 26, 2020, Hainan Province adjusted the coronavirus emergency response level from the first level to the third level, based on the relevant national laws and regulations, as well as the current situation of treatment and control of the virus in Hainan.

The authority still stressed that all the cities and counties in the province should continue to develop precise prevention and control work in accordance with district-level and hierarchical requirements, formulate targeted prevention and control programs or policies, and coordinate epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development.

In terms of health crisis emergency response, there are four levels of emergency response based on factors such as the nature, hazards, and scope of public health emergency, the first is the most urgent and fourth is lowest level.

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