Pics: Spring ploughing is in full swing in Hainan
News / By Chen Shumin / 02 26,2020 16:29:31 / others

At present, it is a busy season for spring ploughing. While preventing and controlling the epidemic outbreak, Hainan has been taking various measures to ensure normal production and guide farmers to actively engage in spring ploughing, in a bid to lay a solid foundation for annual agricultural production.

On February 25, there was a busy scene of spring ploughing in a vegetable and fruit planting base on the outskirts of Dingcheng Town, Ding'an County. (Photo by Zhang Mao/Hainan Daily)

On February 24, as the spring is in the air, a gardener is watering the blooming flowers. (Photo by Li Yingting/Hainan Daily)

Spring is the season for flowers of all sorts in full bloom. On February 25th, flowers bloomed in the countryside of Longhu Town, Ding'an County, attracting swarms of bees. (Photo by Zhang Mao/Hainan Daily)

On February 25, in Pai'an Village, Chahe Town, Changjiang Li Autonomous County, the paddy fields under the kapok trees were densely green against the setting sun, creating a poetic scene of spring ploughing. (Photo by Chen Yuancai, Yang Yaoke/Hainan Daily)

On February 24, in Miaolin Tianyang, Sanya, farmers are harvesting mature okras. (Photo by Wei Wu/Hainan Daily)

On February 23, the flowers in Evergreen Park of Haikou City are in full bloom, and the citizens and tourists take a walk in nature to enjoy spring with their family. (Photo by Wang Kai/Hainan Daily)

On February 25, a foreign couple take a walk in Jinniuling Park in Haikou, and they are attracted by the large area of blooming flowers in the park. (Photo by Li Tianping/Hainan Daily)

On February 24, the villagers were busy planting seedlings in Rongshang Village, Xinzhou Town, Danzhou City. (Photo by Chen Yuancai/Hainan Daily)

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