What foreign friends in Hainan want to do most after the epidemic?
News source:hihainan.info / By Xu Shenglan, Ding Xin, and Jin Nannan / 02 24,2020 16:28:00 / others

What do you  want to do most after the epidemic is over? Go to the gym? Take a trip? Go shopping with your friends? Hainan International Media Center interviewed foreign friends living in Hainan on this topic and check out what they have said!

French photographer Jeremy said that he often travels around in Hainan. After the epidemic is over, he hopes to continue to travel in Hainan and enjoy the unique island scenery of Hainan. In addition to going to the gym he misses, the film director Charlie from Canada wants to visit "his favorite place in the world" Baishamen Park in Haidian Island. He is eager to enjoy the fresh air there.

Our old friend of HIMC, an English teacher from South Africa, Lara wants to have some drinks with her girlfriends. What's more, she can't wait to go back to have “human interactions” with her students. The English teacher and photographer from South Africa, Alexander Roux misses those wonderful restaurants very much and hopes to enjoy his favorite restaurant with friends after the epidemic.

What about you? Share your thoughts with us!

Now, let's continue to protect ourselves! Wash our hands frequently, wear the mask, do not gather with people, and actively contribute to fighting against the epidemic!

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