The 1st deputy editor-in-chief of TASS sends video to cheer for China and cheer for Hainan
News / By Xu Shenglan, Ding Xin, and Chen Shumin / 02 23,2020 13:51:00 / others

On February 23, 2020, Mr. Marat Abulkhakin, the first deputy editor-in-chief of Russian TASS News Agency, recorded a video personally and expressed his concern for the Chinese people who are fighting the COVID-19 epidemic, cheering for China and encouraging Hainan.

Speech content:

Dear friends! 

This is a complex, unusual, and anxious moment, China is at a critical juncture to fight the COVID-19 epidemic. And there are closest friends, old acquaintances and colleagues of mine in China. I want to say: I am with you, and TASS is with you! I especially want to say that I have many friends in Hainan,I won't enumerate their names here.Because every Hainanese is a good friend and comrade to me and to us far away in Moscow! Stay Strong! We are all with you! I believe you can overcome all pains, obstacles and difficulties!

Just as the proverb goes, “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. We are sympathetic to all the anxieties, worries, fears and pains you have experienced.Now our friends are in trouble. We have great sympathy over the misfortunes you encountered. I want to express the confidence that you will surely overcome the difficulties! I recall often, and now especially, the words of Chinese president Xi Jinping said after his election as General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China: “There are no insurmountable problems.” Yes, I want to say again, you will surely overcome the hardships! And we are with you! Good luck and take care of yourselves!

Marat Abulkhakin

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