How to use the Hainan Health Code & How does it work?
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Hainan launched a Health Code system on February 18. Following are some common questions and answers related to the health code system.

Q1: What is the Hainan Health Code system?

A: The Hainan Health Code system is generated on the basis of personal health data declared by residents or those returning to work, in combination with information comparison and verification by epidemic prevention big data.

Q2: What do the "three colors" of the Hainan Health Code mean?

A: The Health Code system is divided into red, yellow and green QR codes.

For those with the green code, it signifies that they have no symptoms at present. According to local management requirements, after performing a temperature check, you can pass by showing the green code. And the yellow and red codes do not meet the required conditions for you to go outside according to epidemic control, you must wait it to turn to a green code before you can go out normally.

Q3: What's the difference between the green, yellow and red codes?

A: 1. When passing through access or checkpoints to your workplace, people with a green code can show their codes and go to work normally. Personnel with red or yellow codes must be quarantined according to regulations, when conditions are met, the codes will turn green.

2. In principle, people with the "red code" are requested not to return or to delay returning to Hainan. Those with the "yellow code" shall be subject to home or centralized isolation for medical observation. When the code turns green, people can go out normally after passing the temperature measurement.

Q4: How to apply for a green Health Code?

A: The user does not have a Health Code by default, please apply for it through the government service app, the WeChat public account of government affairs big data, Yecheng Shiminyun app, Alipay, etc., make a daily health check-in, and the system will automatically provide you with your health information and assign health codes according to your health information. 

(5) How does the red / yellow code turn green?

A: People with the red or yellow code must register their health information on the assigned platforms above for 14 consecutive days, and the codes will turn green when their information meet the related conditions of epidemic prevention.

(6) What are the functions of the Hainan Health Code?

A: The Hainan Health Code can be applied and promoted in multiple scenarios to improve work efficiency and control quality, such as on-site inspections in the communities or business units, road traffic checkpoints, fever clinics and pharmacies to purchase anti-fever medicines.

In these circumstances, the personal health code can be scanned to achieve contactless collection of information, which is convenient for filling in the reports and data sharing and utilization, so as to do well in the epidemic prevention work.

(7) What is the scope of application of the Hainan Health Code?

A: The Hainan Health Code is applicable to those who are in Hainan and about to come to Hainan.

(8) In which scenarios are the Hainan Health Code needed?

A: During the epidemic prevention and control period, the Health Code can be used as an electronic passport for working, studying and living in Hainan.

When you are requested to check the code, please display it and cooperate with the inspection. In addition, the health code can also be used in hospitals, pharmacies, and enterprises to resume work and production.

(9) What is the significance of the Hainan Health Code system for enterprises to resume work and production?

A: The enterprises can learn about the real-time health status of employees through the health code system, effectively arrange work which varies with each employee, and reduce the risk of epidemic transmission caused by gatherings.

At the same time, the health code system is good for the enterprises to effectively assess the risk of resuming operations.

In a nutshell, the Health Code system will make it easier to balance the epidemic prevention and control work and the resumption of work and production, which can boost the orderly development of society and the economy.

(10) Which platforms to register and view the Health Code?

A: The Health Code system is available on the Hainan government service app, the WeChat public account of Hainan government affairs big data, Yecheng Shiminyun app, Alipay and other platforms. Citizens can scan codes through various channels such as Alipay, Yecheng Shiminyun APP, WeChat, to sign in and check it out.

(11) Is the Health Code only used by locals in Hainan? Can it be used by people from other provinces?

A: Since the health registration function is an online report of the health status of the individual, whether local residents, or those returning to Hainan from outside the province, even Hubei province, they can carry out an independent health check-in registration.

(12) How to ask for help when encountering a problem in using the Health Code?

A: Citizens can call the Hainan government service hotline of 12345 to inquire about any questions related to the health code system.

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