People from all over the world join in video connection event to cheer for China
News Xinhua / By Ding Xin / 02 21,2020 15:11:00 / others

A global video connection event "Cheer for China! Cheer for Wuhan!" was held on the 18th of February at the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics in Moscow. The event attracted thousands of people from more than 90 countries around the world. They expressed their support and encouragement to the Chinese people who are fighting the epidemic.


This event was initiated by the Tourism Committee of the Business Center for the Economic Development of the CIS, with the participation of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics and other organizations. The video connection lasted about 1 hour. Participants came from more than 20 Russian regions such as Yekaterinburg, Saint Petersburg, Kazan, etc. And people from the United States, Germany, India, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, and other countries also expressed their best wishes.

"We live on the same planet and at the same home. As long as we are together, we will have strength. We will be able to overcome disease, and we will overcome the difficulties! Yekaterinburg is with you!" participant from Yekaterinburg, Russia Said.

Lebedianskaia Daria from Russia and Chinese Singer-Songwriter Ren Fuxia, who both live in Haikou, participated in this event on behalf of Hainan. Ren Fuxia said that China is now in a very special period. She hopes to be able to personally feel and convey the blessings and encouragements to medical staff who are fighting the epidemic at the front through such a meaningful activity. She hopes that they can defeat the virus as soon as possible! Go China!


At the end of the event, the participants watched a video on the fight against the epidemic and said together: "Come on China! Come on Wuhan!"

Anastasia Pavlova, director of the Tourism Committee of the Business Center for the Economic Development of the CIS, said that the participants of this event came from all walks of life and were concerned about the epidemic situation in China. She hopes that China may feel support from all over the world through the event.


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