How to take necessary precautions when taking an online hailing car?
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Hainan's online car-hailing service, which was temporarily affected by the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, resumed operation on February 19. After the online car rental resumed operation,the reporter experienced the service and found that the drivers could quickly took the order, and the transportation capacity was sufficient to meet the travel needs of citizens.

Online car-hailingservice companies have also adopted measures such as installing protective plastic films and establishing anti-epidemic service stations for the drivers to cooperate with epidemic prevention and control work.

A layer of protective plastic film is equipped in the online hailing car for epidemic precaution. (Photo by Zhou Jingbo/

"Didi online car-hailing company requires each car to be equipped with protective plastic film before put in to operation. I think it is particularly good. The protective film is a kind of protection both for drivers and passenger," said Mr. Meng, a Didi driver in Sanya. It was the first drive for him since the epidemic outbreak, he added, "I believe that everyone can raise awareness of prevention and the protective measures are taken in place, and the epidemic will be brought under control soon."

The relevant person in charge of Didi Chuxing in Hainan said that from February 14th, Didi Chuxing has successively installed protective films for the online hailing cars in Haikou, and has completed the installation of protective films for 1,000 vehicles on the 19th. In Sanya, there are also about 500 cars equipped with protective films. In the following days, Didi will continue to make more vehicles equipped with protective films, striving to gradually cover all vehicles.

To some extent, the equipment of the protective films in the online hailing cars makes passengers feel at ease, but we still have some suggestions for the passengers to

1.Open the windows for ventilation when taking taxis during the epidemic period.

2.Try to talk to the driver as little as possible, just simply inform the driversof your identity and destination;

3.Don’t fumble after getting into the car for the virus may spread through contact apart from droplets.

4.Use disinfection tissues to disinfect the seat and touched area in the car.

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