Journalists from Asia-Pacific countries witness the solidarity of the Chinese people
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The journalists from the Asia-Pacific Center of the China International Press Communication Center 2019 Program had lived and studied in China for ten months last year, and in December 2019 they returned to their home countries. Recently, they pay close attention to the epidemic situation, and actively report China's efforts to prevent and control the epidemic. They sent videos to express their confidence in China.

Bilal Sabri, a journalist from Pakistan Today

"Chinese government takes care of all students like their children. The Chinese government provides all facilities including food, medical and other necessities of daily usage at the doorstep,"said Sabri. Recently, and the Pakistani mainstream media Pakistan Today published such a report, which interviewed the true feelings of Pakistani students studying in Wuhan. Journalist Sabri reported in detail the efforts made by the Chinese government to respond to the epidemic. He wrote that ," In this tough time, China stands very tall to overcome this challenge. I am always thinking about my Chinese brethren but I know China is the only country in the world that can take measures to overcome and diminish the epidemic in effective ways."

China will shine soon

Mohammed, a journalist from Pakistan, feels the same.

Muhammad Imran, a journalist from Dawn News TV

"I believe China will soon win this battle and will rise again. Stay strong China! Pakistan is with you!"

Seddiq Hussainy, a journalist from Afghanistan Times Daily

"I have been to China, and I love this country. I am very sad to hear about the outbreak of the epidemic. I know how brilliant Chinese people are, and I know you can go through these bad times."

Mahendra Subedi, a journalist from National News Agency of Nepal

"The way that China is dealing with Covid-19 is very impressive. It's going to work very soon."

They sent videos one after another, unanimously saying that China would surely overcome the epidemic and China will shine soon.

Md. Enamul Hassan, a jounalist from Bangladesh Sun

"Wuhan people should remember that they are not alone in fighting the virus. The people of Bangladesh always stand with them, we pray for Chinese people."

Enkhtur Anudari, a journalist from TV2 Television

"I am 100% sure that Wuhan can beat the virus and can bring back the safety to the world and China. My heart and hearts of Mongolian people are all with you. Come on, Wuhan!"

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