Foreign host wrote a Chinese poem to cheer for China in the fight against COVID-19
News / By Ding Xin, Chen Shumin / 02 18,2020 14:43:00 / Focus on Hainan

Olga from Russia is a foreign host who can speak fluent Chinese, and she was an anchor of Hong Kong TV. In the face of the epidemic outbreak, Olga wrote a Chinese poem full of emotions, with the title of "China, I am with you". And she read the poem and recorded a video to cheer for China, "I believe that you are strong. I believe in your wisdom. I believe that you are great. China, I am with you!"

Hongyun has a special bond with Hainan. More than 10 years ago, as an international student at Sichuan University, Olga came to Hainan to travel during her vacation and fell in love with Hainan which featured blue sky and ocean. When interviewed by a reporter from Hainan Daily two years ago, she said: "It is like coming home when I go to Hainan." She even took the initiative to learn Hainan dialect, hoping to communicate with local people and experience the local customs in Hainan.

China, I am with you!

Writthen by Olga

Dreams, hopes, and longings,

In 2020, as the Chinese New Year comes, everyone is looking forward to a beautiful future with expectations and blessings.

Have been hard-working all the year, we expect for a warm family reunion on this day.


There came the news that shocked the whole China and the world.

A terrible virus is spreading rapidly.

Unknowns, worries, and fears

Envelope this land,

Haunt everyone.

How can we defeat this terrible viral demon?

With confidence, determination, and solidarity,

So many people stand up, and head for Wuhan, for the epidemic area.

Although I can't see your face behind the mask,

I can sense your courage and determination!

I want to pay tribute to you, the medical staff who are fighting the virus on the front line and risking your life.

I want to pay tribute to you, the workers who are building hospitals day and night.

I want to pay tribute to every stranger in the country who is silently dedicated to cleaning and disinfecting.

China, my second motherland!

I believe that you are strong!

I believe in your wisdom!

I believe that you are great!

China, I am with you!

With confidence, determination, and unity

We will soon win this war of epidemic!

We will soon have a bright tomorrow!

We will soon see everyone's bright smile!

China, my second motherland!

I am with you!

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