Is coughing necessarily related to the infection of COVID-19?
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Following are nine questions about coughing that merit attention during the COVID-19 prevention period.

1.Three major transmission routes are related to the droplets expelled by coughing.

So far, the two major transmission routes of COVID-2019 are still respiratory droplets and contact, and other routes such as aerosol transmission remain to be confirmed. However, these three transmission routes are related to the droplets expelled by coughing and sneezing, through which the virus will spread.

2.Dry cough is one of the main symptoms of the COVID-19.

The main clinical symptoms of the novel coronavirus pneumonia include fever, general weakness and dry cough. If you have the symptoms such as fever, cough and anhelation after contacting with the suspected infection people, please go to seek timely medical care.

3.Some other factors may cause children to have a cough or an asthma.

The symptoms of fever, general weakness and dry cough do not necessarily mean the infection of the novel coronavirus. Especially for children, their symptoms of cough and asthma may result from the infection of virus or bacterial, the pollution of air or living environment, and secondhand smoke. Thus, the infection of COVID-19 should not be simply judged by the symptoms above.

4. Ordinary patients should not use antibiotics casually.

If you have the symptoms such as fever, cough, sniffing and sneezing, please consciously reduce contact with others and wear a face mask. For ordinary patients, antibiotics should not be used casually when coughing.

5.Do not cover your mouth and nose by your hands when coughing.

When coughing or sneezing, you should cover your mouth and nose by tissues or the elbow, rather than by your hands, for the tightness of hands is less than that of sleeves.

6. Don't rub your eyes without washing your hands.

Throw the tissues used when you cough and sneeze into the waste bin and wash your hands fully. Do not rub your eyes or touch other parts of mucosa without washing your hands.

7.Pneumonia is just one of the reasons to cause coughing.

Cough itself does not cause pneumonia, instead it is pneumonia that will cause cough. The symptom of cough may result from many reasons, including food choking, having a cold, and pneumothorax, while the pneumonia is just one of the reasons.

8. Be alert to the allergens such as pollen in Spring.

In Spring, the allergens such as pollen and mold in the air tend to increase, which may cause some allergic symptoms such as dry cough, itchy throat and sneezing, even severe cough.

9.Staying at home is one of the effective measures for virus prevention.

If having a continuous cough caused by allergy, you can take some anti-allergy medicine under the instruction of respiratory physicians. However, the most effective ways to prevent the virus include staying at home, changing sheets regularly, cleaning sofa and carpet, so as to avoid the contact with allergens.

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