International sister provinces reach out to Hainan for the battle against NCP
News source:Hainan FAO / By Jin Nannan and Chen Shumin / 02 15,2020 16:51:00 / others

On February 4th , Wang Meihui who works in Foreign Affairs Office of Hainan Province received a call from Nina, a worker in Foreign Affairs Office of Southern Moravia in Czech Public. “Is everyone all right? Don’t’ worry, we are always with Hainan!” said Nina. Wang Meihui said that Southern Moravia established sisterhood relationship with Hainan in 2017. In front of the disease, the two sides are more closed to each other.

In the following days, more and more international cities and provinces of Hainan reached out to Hainan in different ways. Won Hee-ryong, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Governor of Republic of Korea, recorded a video in person to cheer for Hainan. “Jeju Special Self-Governing Province will stay with Hainan and other provinces or cities in need across China. Come on, Hainan! Stay strong, China!” said Won Hee-ryong in the video. Other cities like Prince Edward Island in Canada and other cities in North America also expressed their willing to collect and purchase medical supplies by utilizing their local resources to help Hainan prevent and control the disease.

Kang Baiying, deputy director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Hainan Province, introduced that more than 20 consolation letters had been received from international sister cities around the world, especially Hyogo Prefecture of Japan, as Hainan’s first international sister province, was also the first to lend a helping hand by donating a large number of disposable masks to support Hainan's prevention and control work. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of sisterhood relationship between Hainan Province and Hyogo Prefecture, and mutual assistance has reflected the deep friendship between the two sides.

As of February 11, Hainan Provincial Foreign Affairs Office raised and received a good deal of masks and latex gloves from Thailand, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, the United States and other places. In the coming days, another batch of medical masks, goggles and protective suits donated or commissioned to purchase by sister provinces and foreign friends will arrive in Hainan soon.

"The mutual care and support between sister provinces and cities in difficult times fully demonstrates the love and spirit of internationalism that transcends national boundaries, which also presents Hainan’s long-term efforts to promote international friendly exchanges," said Wang Sheng, Director-General of Hainan Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, adding that the timely support from all foreign friends will boost the strength, courage and confidence of Hainan people to win the battle against the epidemic.

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