Couples in Hainan fighting against NCP on the front line
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In the face of the current battle against the NCP epidemic, some couples in Hainan are going all out to fight on the front line, practicing their responsibility on their positions and presenting their beautiful love stories in such a hard time as well.

Chen Zelun and Zhu Yan

Chen Ze lun is a doctor in the Department of Cardiac Surgery of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Hainan Medical College. Zhu Yan is a nurse in the First Affiliated Hospital of Hainan Medical College.

Zhu Yan is wearing protective suit on the front line.

Chen Zelun understood the reason why his wife went to Hubei, because he is also one of the fighters of this battle, but in a different battlefield.

"We communicate mainly through WeChat massages. When I get out of the operating room or wake up in the morning, I can receive her message and know she is okey. I believe she can overcome the hardship on the front line," Chen said.

Wang Zaide and Wu Qiongzhu

Wang Zaide is the deputy squadron leader of the Wenqing Avenue Fire Rescue Station of Wenchang Fire Rescue Detachment, and Wu Qiongzhu is the head nurse of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Hainan Medical College.

Wu Qiongzhu is taking care of the patient.

Wu Qiongzhu had planned to take two young children to Wenchang's fire brigade to spend the Spring Festival with Wang Zaide. However, the sudden epidemic outbreak disrupted the "Reunion Plan" that had been arranged. After receiving the working notice, Wu Qiongzhu immediately returned to her position soon. Wang Zaide was also involved in the preparation work for the epidemic prevention and fire fighting of the fire station.

Zheng Hui and Li Yonghua

Zheng Hui is the deputy director of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine of Sanya Central Hospital, and Li Yonghua is a staff member of Sanya Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Li Yonghua hardly meets with her husband due to busy working.

These days, Li Yonghua has to go to various monitoring points to take samples and conduct epidemiological investigations. For timely processing, it is common to work overtime. Due to medical procedure, Li Yonghua needs to send the samples to the quarantine area of Sanya Central Hospital, but she could not meet with her husband who was just in the same area. "Busy in the ward, I really can't take time to meet my wife. But I believe we understand each other. And we often cheer each other up, and everything will be fine," Zheng Huicai said.

Liu Ming and Lin Jia

Liu Ming is the head of the radiology department of Sanya Central Hospital, and Lin Jia is the deputy head nurse of the physical examination department in the hospital.

Lin Jia(left) and her husband Liu Ming.

At 8 am on January 22, Sanya Central Hospital set up the quarantine area of NCP, which needed doctors to be responsible for CT and DR examinations of confirmed patients. Have been working in the hospital for 8 years, Liu Ming applied for the position without informing his wife. However, what Liu Ming didn't expect was that the medical examination department of the hospital had to send nurses to work in the quarantine area at the same time, and his wife Lin Jia also took the initiative to apply for it. In the end, the hospital leader considered that there were elderly people and children over 3 years of age in their home who needed to be taken care of, so Lin Jia was assigned to work in the fever clinic.

Du Shaokui and Wang Yufei

Du Shaokui is the captain of the Binhai New District Brigade of the Danzhou Fire Rescue Detachment, and Wang Yufei is a nurse at the People's Hospital of Hainan Province.

Wang Yufei is taking care of patient in the hospital.

In order to treat critically ill patients, Wang Yufei stayed in the hospital and provided intimate medical care for them. And Du Shaokui gave full play to lead the entire team of firefighters to devote themselves to fire prevention and epidemic prevention work, conducted in-depth fire safety inspections in local medical places on many occasions.

Peng Chao and Wang Yan

Peng Chao and Wang Yan are the office workers in Sanfeng Community, Fengxiang Street, Qiongshan District, Haikou.

Peng Chao pulls up a banner with his colleagues for the epidemic prevention.

The Sanfeng Community covers an area of 1 square kilometer and has a permanent population of more than 2,000 households. The couple had to go back and forth several times a day to visit the residents and inquire about their health conditions, as well as distribute related materials. At home, they also focused on the WeChat group of the community to answer residents ’questions, while sharing official information to comfort residents.

Wu Kai and Liu Xiaoxiao

 Wu Kai is a traffic policeman working in Danzhou, and his wife Liu Xiaoxiao is a medical worker in the People’s Hospital of Danzhou.

Wu Kai and his wife Liu Xiaoxiao stick to their posts.

As a traffic policeman, Wu Kai came back to work immediately after receiving the information. He is responsible for checking cars and temperature in Wanyang highway in Danzhou. His wife, Liu Xiaoxiao, also puts her heart in working in the hospital to fight against the disease, and she said:”This is my mission and I will work as much as I can to prevent and control the virus.”

Huang Zuantao and Fu Mingxiang

Huang Zuantao is the director of a local police station in Wenchang, and his wife is a policewoman working in Wenchang Public Security Bureau.

Huang Zuantao conducts inspection for epidemic prevention in the community.

The couple have been working in preventing and controlling the virus since the day before Chinese New Year’s Eve, and they cannot see each other for a long time. “Last time when I drove to his working place, I couldn’t talk to him but see him in the car,” said the wife. Huang Zuantao explained that a confirmed case was found in his working place and he asked his wife not to get out of the car in order to protect her.

Mr. Zhao and Lady Ding

Both are retired cadres.

The senior coupe take initiative to remind people of wearing masks.

The 75-year-old Mr. Zhao and 71-year-old Lady Ding live in Zhulin Community, Zhongshan Street, Longhua District, Haikou City, which is an old community. The senior couple got up early and sat at the entrance, and handed out leaflets for the residents, and reminded them to wear masks and pay attention to hygiene and safety.

Xing Zengchen and Qu Jiangyue
Xing Zengchen is a nurse in the First Affiliated Hospital of Hainan Medical College, and Qu Jiangyue is a nurse in Hainan Provincial People's Hospital.

On February 10, the nurse Qu Jiangyue waves goodbye to her boyfriend who specially takes foods to her in the hospital.

On February 10, Xing Zengchen specially brought food for his girlfriend Qu Jiangyue, a nurse from the People's Hospital of Hainan Province, who is unable to leave the quarantine area after taking care of patients with novel coronary pneumonia. After Xing Zengchen put the bag on the ground and took two steps back, Qu Jiangyue stepped forward to pick up the bag and waved goodbye. They have been in love for more than two years, and Xing Zengchen was ready for marriage. “I will propose to her when our life turns to normal after the epidemic!" Xing Zengchen said.

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