Best wishes from Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Governor Won Hee-ryong
News source:Foreign Affairs Office of Hain / By Ding Xin / 02 14,2020 18:15:00 / News

Hainan and South Korea's Jeju Special Self-Governing Province became sister provinces in 1995. After the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province has paid great attention to and supported Hainan's epidemic prevention and control work. A few days ago, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Governor recorded a video in person to send Hainan the best wishes.

Translation of the speech:

Hello everyone!

I am Won Hee-ryong, Governor of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, Republic of Korea. 

I would like to express our solidarity with the Chinese sister regions that fought bravely during the epidemic prevention, to cheer for and encourage Hainan. The Chinese government has adopted strong anti-epidemic measures and implemented them quickly in various sister regions. The citizens will overcome the epidemic situation and win the final victory very soon. Just as "experience wind and rain, let's see the rainbow afterward", we will certainly have a better tomorrow. Jeju Special Self-Governing Province is a forever friend of all of us. So as a friend, we care a lot about China. Come on, everyone!

I firmly believe that we can overcome difficulties together. Jeju cheers for you!

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