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News / By Jessica and Stefan / 02 11,2020 16:12:00 / Life

Living through an epidemic is both scary and exciting at the same time. The scary part is all the conspiracy theories that are out on the internet. Following the news to see what the latest updates are, which heroes have lost their lives to this epidemic and listening to the outcry of the affected.

The exciting part is going to the grocery store to see what has been unpacked on the shelves since you last made your courageous attempt at survival, driving on your E-bike and looking around, listening to the deafening sound of silence at a city that nearly never sleeps.

Having the opportunity to see what is happening in the country and how everyone is in unity to fight and prevent the infection is exciting! It is amazing to know that the country we love so much is so united in this situation.

Villages have been barricaded from those trying to enter.

Residential apartment buildings have sent teams to spray grounds with chemicals in the assumption that it can kill any known traces of any other combatable bacteria and viruses.

During the first day or two after the announcements that everyone should remain inside, and protect themselves from becoming infected, had created panic for most. All entertainment venues and restaurants were closed. Grocery stores sold their stock faster than a black Friday sale.

But, thankfully since then, the grocery stores received new stock from farmers that are working around the clock to supply the stores with enough food to conquer the shortages.

This a farmer in Haikou, driving to the weigh station to deliver the bags of freshly harvested chilli.

We in Haikou are very fortunate to be able to have such fresh produce on the outskirts of our city, our major retailers and majority small retailers are stocked with enough food for the daily demands of the people. At the same time, it is still snowing in most northern parts of mainland China.

Although food supply is not a problem, once you’ve arrived home and unpacked your grocery bags all the food eventually starts to stare at you from the corner of your eye. Let’s have a snack, okay one more, oh but we haven’t tried these… you know how it goes.

Time = Boredom

Looking at the time every couple of minutes just to realize that although it feels like hours have gone past, its only been a couple of minutes, boredom kicks in, looking at social media, watching movies, reading articles and walking the dog can only entertain you for so many hours in one day, and then you start becoming creative…. You start playing games, first, it is blackjack, then it is poker, then cards entertain you long enough to become boring too.

Next on the list: Battleships… (DIY because we don’t have the board game)

This took multiple hours and is also quite stimulating because you have to strategize the kill to win. To design and print it at home took a couple of minutes but the end result turned into becoming pleasantly surprised that one game can take more than two hours to complete.

Although the situation at the moment is less than ideal, all of us are becoming more innovative in entertaining ourselves, we are resting and becoming more excited about going back to work than ever before during any holiday.

Our condolences to those families who have lost victims of this virus!

We all stand with you China; this unfortunate situation will be overcome with these rigorous attempts in recovery!

Until we can meet face to face again, stay safe!

Jessica and Stefan, a lovely couple come from South Africa.

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