Foreigners’ tips to go to the supermarket during emergency period
News / By Jin Nannan / 02 07,2020 11:30:00 / others

During the emergency period, staying at home is the best choice to control and prevent the novel coronavirus. However, people need to go outside to get some food once in a while. Lara who lives in Hainan goes to the supermarket with HIMC reporter and introduces some tips to prevent the virus.

“I use a surgical mask and then I’ll take a cotton mask for extra protection,” Lara said to the reporter while wearing masks.

Lara is careful about personal hygiene and she always keeps three things in her bag, which are hygiene wet wipes, hand sanitizer and tissue.

“Going to the supermarket is the highlight of my week,” said Lara excitedly. She usually stocks up the food that lasts long and comes to the supermarket for fresh ingredients once or twice a week.

Cleaning the shopping cart with wet wipes is the first thing that Lara does in the supermarket and she also reminded the reporter not to touch the handrail. Living a healthy lifestyle, Lara selected some fresh fruits and vegetables that help boost people’s immune systems. Apart from food, she also bought detergent and hand sanitizer which are necessary to prevent the virus during the emergency period. When leaving the supermarket, she cleaned her hands with the hand sanitizer that she always keeps in her bag.

Make sure you have worn the masks before going outside.

Don’t touch handrails.

Check temperature before entering the supermarket.

Clean the shopping cart before using it.

Remember to wash your hands when you come back home.

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