Anti-epidemic·Diary of Foreigners| Shakil: making joint efforts to conquer the epidemic
News / By Shakil Ahmad / 02 06,2020 18:32:00 / Focus on Hainan

I am Shakil Ahmad from Pakistan, and now a student of Hainan University.

Currently, about 100 International students are staying at Hainan University.They are all safe and Hainan University official staff members are helping and accommodating them 24/7.

The canteen #6 in front of International students dormitory.(Photo by Shakil Ahmad)

The situation is controlled and well managed by teachers and International students. The administration has ensured food items delivery to the room (If needed), and main markets are open so that students can buy the products of their need.

Price is still the same as usual and no price hike has been observed here. To ensure the safety of students, several measures have been taken. As the university is closed and only the main gate is open, students can only use the specific doors. While we have been instructed that try to stay at our rooms and avoid gathering for our own safety.

The view outside the International students dormitory.(Photo by Shakil Ahmad)

Temperature of students has been regularly monitored by teachers and security guards. All the required precautionary measures have been taken by the university authorities in the best interest of the students.

I highly appreciated the efforts made by the Chinese government in connection to curb the virus and hoped that life will get back to normal in highly affected areas very soon, as the government and the Chinese nation have full potential to overcome this epidemic.

Basketball ground at Hainan University.(Photo by Shakil Ahmad)

I indeed appreciate the epidemic prevention and control efforts of the Chinese government during this challenging and complex situation, which indicates its concern regarding the safety of people. With the same strong willing China will affront this crises, time will prove that China is overcoming difficulties with powerful internal strength, all our support and solidarity with China.

Wuhan local government and Chinese government have paid great efforts to control this viral infection. They have built two hospitals shortly inside Wuhan specifically for those patients who have been infected by the corona virus.

Shakil Ahmad is in the research field in the university.

It moves me to tears to read and watch so many overseas Chinese and foreign friends supporting Wuhan and China, then we should make joint efforts to conquer the novel coronavirus.

I believe that everything is going to be alright and we will defeat the virus.

It's time to show our inner strength and dignity. The hardships of life can't defeat the courage of human beings. It's time to stay calm and strong which ultimately will bring cheers and blossoms.

The only canteen open these days to facilitate students with food.(Photo by Shakil Ahmad)

Let’s stand with a nation in pain, but I firmly believe they will not give up. No doubt in this situation, the Chinese government is doing its best. Maybe there is a delay but would be ended soon. Great appreciation for all doctors and all associated staff, working in this entire situation in Wuhan and all around China. As a nation in this entire situation, we are with people of China.

We can discourage rumors and cooperate with authorities by following instructions to help in this situation. We were united in all circumstances, we are and we will.

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