Daily life of Sinskie's family during the emergency period
News source:hiHainan.info / By Shi Yihan / 02 06,2020 18:11:00 / Focus on Hainan

On February 6, Sinskie family living in Wenchang show their daily life during the emergency period. Josh Sinskie, an English teacher at Hainan College of Foreign Studies in Wenchang, teaches Business English and trains students for national competitions. His wife, Sarah Sinskie, used to be an English teacher and now she helps Josh with some school projects. They have three lovely children and this year marks the fourth year that the family living in Hainan. They said that during this period they have more time to do what they want to do. Because of the cute children, staying at home becomes quite happy and interesting.

Sinskie family live in Wenchang.

During the emergency period, John said that he would study Chinese online, and read books on a daily basis. "I listen to Chinese for 30 minutes every day, and I have learned 80 new Chinese characters through the Chinese character cards," Josh said. 

John learns Chinese everyday.

He also does some handwork and plans to use wood to build some daily necessities. Sarah loves baking, she said that during this time she has more time to do what she likes.

Sarah prepares to bake the cake at home.

In addition, they also check the children's homework at home, reduce their outdoor activities and teach them various measures to prevent the epidemic. "We are very grateful for China's prevention and control measures during this period. Here we are very safe and happy every day of living in Wenchang,"said sarah. 

Children help to do some cleaning at home.

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