Pics | Spring Festival shopping fair in Haikou
News source:Hainan Daily / By Chen Ruolong, Jin Nannan / 01 23,2020 11:45:05 / others

Bo’ai South Road, known as an old street of Haikou, is the most colorful and bustling street during the Spring Festival. As the Spring Festival approaches, the Bo’ai South Road becomes quite bustling. Diverse kinds of food such as sausages, dried seafood and candies are sold, other products like Chinese knot and red lanterns are sold to the public as well. Walking along the street, people can immerse in the most traditional atmosphere of the Spring Festival in Hainan. [Photo/ Chen Ruolong]

Citizens are selecting couplet. [Photo/ Chen Ruolong]

Diverse kinds of red decorations of Spring Festival. [Photo/ Chen Ruolong]

Store owner is writing the couplet. [Photo/ Chen Ruolong]

People are selecting dried seafood. [Photo/ Chen Ruolong]

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