Where to spend Spring Festival in Hainan: travelling in Wanning
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As the Spring Festival is approaching, hinews.cn has launched a series of service information about the recommended places and activities along the Wanning-Yangpu Expressway to spend the Chinese New Year in Hainan. Wanning city is another good choice for travelling during the Spring Festival. Let’s check it out!

Old revolutionary areas

Liulian Ridges. (Photo by Yuan Chen/Hainan Daily)

Liulian Ridges in Wanning City is one of the well-known mountain area for Hainan Revolutionary Base during the period from 1927 to 1950, when it used to be a military fort. With such historical resource, Liulian Ridges is built into a Memorial Park Revolutionary Base to accelerate the development of all-region tourism.

Historic villages

Futang Village

Futang Village in Longgun Town, Wanning City. (Photo by Yuan Chen/Hainan Daily)

Futang Village in Longgun Town is a famous hometown for overseas Chinese, as well as a home of pineapple. When walking into the village, you will appreciate a picturesque landscape: river, sea water, blue sky, white clouds, green mountains, pineapple trees, etc.

Baoding Village

Baoding Village in Wancheng Town, Wanning, has a history of 800 years.(Photo by Yuan Chen/Hainan Daily)

Baoding Village, located in Wancheng Town, is an ancient village with a history of more than 800 years, where rows of ancient houses are preserved and winding cobblestone paths lead to all parts of the village.

Dongshan Mountain

Dongshan Mountain in Wanning is a place with beautiful scenery and cultural relics.(Photo by Yuan Chen/Hainan Daily)

Dongshan Mountain is the most famous mountain with beautiful scenery in Wanning and the highest peak is no more than 200 meters. As early as the Jin Dynasty, literary men had ascended the Dongshan Mountain and left some poems and writings, among which the story of the Monk Jianzhen in the Tang Dynasty was the most legendary.

Sea and bays

Shanqin Bay. (Photo by Chen Geng/Hainan Daily)

Wanning boasts beautiful mountains and clear waters, and has rich coastal resources, such as Shanqin Bay, Shangen Bay, Yinghao Bay, Chunyuan Bay, Baoding Bay, Xintan Bay, Shenzhou Bay, Nanyan Bay, Shimei Bay, and Riyue Bay. The most amazing thing is that when viewing Wanning seascape, you can appreciate different scenery and harvest different experiences in different seasons.

Capital Outlets

Capital Outlets in Wanning

Capital Outlets in Wanning is the first tourist outlet with the largest scale, richest format and the most competitive price. It has been granted the title of a national AAA tourist attraction. In the retail business, Outlets refers to a shopping mall consisting of stores that sell out-of-season, off-the-shelf and out-of-stock goods, which first appeared in the United States. 

Mackerel Fish

The pan-fried mackerel fish.(Photo by Yuan Chen/Hainan Daily)

One of the most common dishes for New Year's Eve dinner in Wanning is the pan-fried mackerel. In the eyes of Wanning people, the most delicious mackerel comes from Wancheng Wuchang Port, whose name comes from the dialect name of mackerel.The mackerel fish from Wuchang Port would be plump during the Spring Festival, which has become a gift to friends and relatives.

Betel nuts

The women return from betel nuts picking.

Wanning is the main producing area of betel nut in Hainan Province. The betel nut not only has the value of industrial development as a kind of economic crops, but also has become an essential product used in various traditional etiquettes, which bears a profound social significance.

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