To experience a Spring Festival with marine culture in Qionghai
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As the Spring Festival is approaching, has launched a series of  service information about the recommended places and activities along the Wanning-Yangpu Expressway to spend the Chinese New Year in Hainan. Qionghai city is a great place to experience the marine culture in Hainan during the Spring Festival.

Wanning-Yangpu Expressway.(Photo by Fang Shan)

Tanmen Town

An aerial view of Tanmen Town. (Photo by Yuan Chen/Hainan Daily)

Spending the Spring Festival at Tanmen Town, people can watch fishing boats, taste seafood, and listen to the locals tell stories of their ancestors venturing the sea. On the wall of the small building on the street, there are items full of sea flavor: rudder, life buoy, paddle, anchor, shell, etc. 

The marine craft shop in Tanmen Town attracts many tourists. (Photo by Chen Wang/

Folk customs in Tanmen Town

A carp lantern team performs a lantern dance for celebrating the New Year.(Photo by Chen Wang/

During the Spring Festival, you can also watch the local unique carp lanterns for the Chinese New Year activities in Tamen Town, which is a unique marine historical and cultural landscape. Local villagers will organize a carp lantern team to perform a lantern dance, celebrating for the New Year.

Seafood in Tanmen Town

Fishermen unload the sea fishes at the port in Tanmen Town. (Photo/Xinhua)

Among the seafood in Tanmen, the most well-known may be the Sumei fish. Many people can't help but be amazed at the first sight of Su Meiyu, which is not only a kind of ornamental fish, but also a high-grade edible fish.  With fresh and tender meat, Su Mei fish is suitable for steaming, stewing and making sashimi, which can not only preserve the delicious meat quality of the deep-sea fish, but also maximize the nutritional value.

Blossoms in Qionghai

A tourist is enjoying the sea of flowers in Longshouyang Rural Park.(Photo by Weng Zhenji/Hainan Daily)

In February, the sea of flowers in 10,000-mu Longshouyang Rural Park bloomed again.The colorful zinnia flowers blossom along the road, which looks like a beautiful painting. And the fragrance of the spider flowers, whose petals like flying butterflies, seduces the passersby. The distinctive sunflowers hidden in the depths, which look like numerous little golden suns.

Shopping in Qionghai

Boao Duty-free shop at the scenic area of Boao Forum for Asia

Business hours : 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

As the duty-free shop is located in the Boao Forum for Asia Scenic Area, when you enter the scenic area, the gatekeeper will provide an entrance strip, which can be stamped at the front desk after consumption at the duty-free shop. And the stamped strip is equivalent to the ticket. If no consumption in the duty-free shop, you need to charge 55 yuan for the ticket to enter the scenic area.

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