Zhu Dingjian: Hainan should actively attract international events and talents
News source:hiHainan / By Luo Zidi, Zhuang Xiaoshan / 01 19,2020 17:04:40 / others

Zhu Dingjian (left), member of national committee of CPPCC, is interviewed by the reporter from Hainan Daily Press Group. (Photo by Li Hao/hinews.cn)

Zhu Dingjian, member of national committee of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and chairman of Mission Hills Group, was interviewed by the reporter from Hainan Daily Press Group during the provincial Two Sessions, and he stated that Hainan should further improve the internationalization and form a group of well-known and attractive festival events brand in the world. 

Zhu Dingjian, member of national committee of CPPCC and chairman of Mission Hills Group. (Photo by Li Hao/hinews.cn)

He suggested that Hainan should be developed as an “island of oversea returnees” in the new era. With this strategy, Hainan should innovate the policies, accelerate the construction of key disciplines in key colleges and universities, and further develop the industries of tourism, aerospace, marine biology, medical health, culture and sports, etc., so as to attract the oversea returnees to come back to Hainan for starting up business or working.

Zhu added that the number of festivals in Hainan has been increasing in recent years, such as the Tour of Hainan, Danzhou International Marathon and the Hainan Island Carnival, increasingly improving Hainan's popularity and reputation. On this base, Hainan can improve international level of festivals and events by comparing with international standards, as well as rely on the local customs and unique “Hainan characteristics”, in a bid to hold some world-class events.

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