Yuan Longping's team and Alibaba Group launched a "Dream Plan"
News source:hiHainan / By Chen Shumin,Wang Wei, Zhang Yi / 01 14,2020 16:25:07 / others

On the morning of January 13, Academician Yuan Longping's team and Alibaba Group announced a "Dream Plan" in Sanya that they will cooperatively strive to promote the cultivation of 100 million mu salt-tolerant rice in next ten years.

Since saline-alkali land is extremely widespread in China, the plantation of saline tolerant rice will not only improve the ecological environment in saline-alkali land and desert areas, but also help farmers in these areas to increase their income. In the past few years, the team of Academician Yuan Longping has selected excellent varieties from thousands of sea rice varieties at Hainan Nanfan Base, and planted them on a large scale across the country. Among them, planting the rice in saline-tolerant land of Inner Mongolia costs about 10,000 yuan per mu on the land improvement, and there is no need to invest in the soil improvement within 10 years, which is approved to be feasible for large-scale promotion.

Yuan Longping, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said: "The maximum production of our sea rice is 800 kilograms, which is beyond our expectation. We estimated that the salt-tolerant rice would yield 300 kilograms per mu at most, 100 million mu increasing by 300 billion kilograms a year, which can feed more 100 million people. But now with the "Dream Plan", that estimation is relatively conservative,and our joint efforts will yield better results."

According to the agreement reached between Academician Yuan Longping's team and the Digital Agriculture Division of Alibaba Group, the two sides will cooperate to develop the plantation of 200,000 mu of saline-tolerant rice in the Hinggan League of Inner Mongolia in the next three years,, which will double the income of local farmers. In the next 10 years, they will also strive to promote the plantation of 100 million mu of saline-tolerant rice in China. The first batch of rice in saline land has been launched on the Alibaba platform. Tao Yue, head of rice business at the Digital Agriculture Division of Alibaba Group, said: "We will integrate all of Alibaba's ecology and agriculture-related business segments to jointly promote the 'Dream Plan', so as to facilitate the communication with consumers and accelerate the industrial development. "

Academician Yuan Longping also revealed the next key research plan of hybrid rice: "We are striving to achieve the production of 20 tons per hectare within this year, equivalent to 1350 kg per mu, making our super hybrid rice, the third generation of hybrid rice, far ahead of the world. "

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