Hainan hosts 83 million tourists in 2019
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China's island province of Hainan welcomed 83.14 million visitors from across China and the world last year, an increase of 9 percent year-on-year, with the total tourism revenue standing at over 105 billion yuan ($15.2 billion), up by 11 percent.

The news was announced at a meeting on Jan 9 where officials talked about Hainan's achievements in 2019 and future government work on the province's tourism, culture, television and sports industries in 2020.

This is the first time that the tourism revenue of Hainan has exceeded the 100 billion yuan mark.

New progress made in system innovation has effectively promoted the development of the tourism industry. For example, by taking the lead in establishing a special system for sailing tourism management, Hainan has enabled companies to operate sailing businesses that were previously not allowed. From January to October 2019, the number of the province's sailing ships going out to sea reached 29,100, with 206,500 passengers on board, an increase of 119.5 percent and 142.3 percent, respectively.

The innovation of the tour guide management mechanism also protected the legitimate rights and interests of tour guides, thereby significantly improving the quality of services. In the first half of 2019, the complaint rate of tour guides fell by 1.4 percentage points, so they accounted for only 4.5 percent of all tourism complaints.

In addition, Hainan continues to promote the further integration of culture, sports and tourism, increasing its supply of high-quality tourism products, and new tourism hotspots on the island are constantly emerging.


Officials talk about Hainan's achievements and future government work on tourism, culture, television and sports industries on Jan 9. [Photo/lwt.hainan.gov.cn]

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