Hainan investment opportunities favored by Swiss high-tech companies
News source:hiHainan / By Chen Shumin, Li Lei / 01 13,2020 17:24:49 / others

Shen Jun (left) is communicating with the representative of a Swiss watch company.

On October 18, 2019, Shen Jun and 24 cadres from different cities and counties in Hainan Province set off from Haikou to conduct a 60-day study trip on trade innovation in Switzerland.

Shen Jun stated that during their trip in Switzerland, in addition to the intensive study, they also visited a number of top companies and international institutions. There are various language areas in Switzerland such as French, German and Italian, so Shen Jun and his accompaniers attempt to overcome obstacles of languages and incomplete information with the help of translators. They actively collected relative information, and exchange and share opinions with each other. After coming back to Hainan, they wrote a comprehensive report as the reference to the future development of Hainan.

"Switzerland is a strong industrial power and innovative country, from which Hainan could learn much about trade innovation. And this two-month trip in Switzerland is a great opportunity for Hainan to attract investment," said Shen Jun. Since the first day he was informed of the study trip, he began to collect the information about the industrial development of Swiss watches, medical equipment, medicine, cosmetics, creative design and other aspects, and drafted more than 20 investment proposals in Chinese and English.

Shen Jun and his accompaniers actively promoted Hainan whether in class or visiting Swiss enterprises. During his visit to Swiss watch companies, Shen Jun was eager to introduce assembly sector to Hainan. When visiting Zurich Medical Technology Company, he seized the opportunity to communicate with the responsible person and invited them to visit Hainan. This company producing orthopedic medical devices settled in Hainan shortly before.

More than two weeks after returning to Hainan, Shen Jun and his accompaniers respectively drafted and sent invitations to Frederique Constant, Graham, Ruihe Zero-Carbon Architecture firm, and Nestle to invest in Hainan, with the hope that more Swiss high-tech companies will develop the physical industry in Hainan. Through this trip, they and 15 Swiss companies and institutions have reached investment intention on the investment in Hainan.

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