Foreigners' highlight moments in 2019
News source:hihainan / By Xu Shenglan, Shi Yihan, Jin Nannan / 01 03,2020 15:22:00 / Life

2019 is over, reporters from Hainan International Media Center interviewed foreigners working, living and studying in Hainan. How did they spend their 2019? What are their expectations for 2020? Let’s check it out!

1、Josh Crosbie(New Zealand)

"And over the last year, I really start to achieve that, I‘ve manage to get HSK4 with my friend Norbert, it’s really great that we finally made it. I’ve made a lot of new friends, met a lot of people and I really got chances to explore Hainan. It’s a beautiful place, and I wouldn’t be happier at other cities."

2、Norbert Sporns(Canada)

"For me in the year 2020, my son’s film about Wenchang, Hainan makes us very excited. The quality of the script leads us to think that the movie would be a great success. "

3、Abdumannopov Abdugaffor(Uzbekistan)

"Two weeks after I came to Haikou, I bought an electric bike and I went to many places of Haikou. My favorite part is the weather of Haikou. It's not cold here. Climate here is pleasant. I wanted to come to China to learn Chinese in the past, and my dream came true this year. I hope everyone's wishes will come true in 2020."

4、David Chon(America)

“So we have lots of events this year here at the restaurant. We have the beer night, trivia night, Open MIC night. We also had a World Cup of Hamburger event, which this young man ate 14 hamburgers in 30 minutes to win the prize. A lot of people showed a lot of respect for the young man. ”

5、Randy Floyd(America)

"So that is one of my highlights, opening a company and my son started his time in the kindergarten. It has been a wonderful year for Hainan in 2019, and I think 2020 will be even better."

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