International talents in Hainan
News source:Hainan Daily / By Ding Xin, Jin Nannan, and Yuan Chen / 12 17,2019 16:15:26 / Life

“Lift your jaw and point down your toes,” said Gypsy, a ballet teacher from Cuba. She was teaching children the details of ballet dancing by using Mandarin in class. Gypsy comes from Cuba and was born in 1990. She is the founder and art director of Seaman Drow Art School in Sanya city. It is unexpected for Gypsy to marry a Chinese husband, settle down in Sanya and found a ballet school there when she was invited to dance ballet in Sanya in 2013. Graduating from the School at the National Ballet of Cuba, Gypsy was a member of the Cuban National Ballet during that time. The past 6 years witness great changes in Gypsy’s life and her feeling towards the city. She said, “Honestly, I didn’t plan to stay here when I first came to Sanya. What I wanted was to enrich my experience. ” Even if it was her first time to visit China, she found she didn’t integrate into life in Sanya for the first few years until she met her husband, Liu Maosheng.

On August 14, 2019, Max, from Belarus, whose Chinese name is Kang Jinsheng, visited the Haikou Citizens Visitor Center. Max has lived in Hainan for 9 years and married a Chinese wife. He created a Russian website introducing Hainan, promoting Hainan's tourism culture, and promoting Hainan's international cooperation and exchanges facing the Russian-speaking district.

On April 14, 2019, in Qionghai Guantang, a grand and special Chinese wedding attracted the attention of many people. The groom Timote is from France and the bride Anais is from Spain. Both of them are tennis teachers of the Hainan Campus of Haidian Foreign Language Academy.

On April 17th, 2019, Ling Xia, a Japanese Chinese doctor, was checking samples in an international hospital of Boao Lecheng International Medical and Tourism Pilot Zone. In December of 2017, she was invited to work in Hainan. Having studied and worked in Japan for over 3 decades, Ling Xia knew little about Hainan. She said that international experts gathered in the Boao Lecheng International Medical and Tourism Pilot Zone and devoted to clinical study and medical technology. Ling Xia said that it was a good chance to exchange with international academics here.

On August 16th, 2019, in Hainan Unican Science and Technology Innovation Institute of Haikou national high-tech industrial development zone, Alexey Nikonov, an architecture designer from Ukraine was drawing his design plan. Throughout the past 4 years in Hainan, he has been engaged in many projects like Qianqiu Mall in Chengmai, which gained a good reputation.

On August 26th, 2019, Jimmy, an English teacher from Pakistan, was teaching in the class. Jimmy came to Hainan one decade ago and got a foreign permanent resident ID card 2 years ago. He is also a son-in-law of Hainan. In 2016, a friendly agreement between Haikou and Lahore was signed. Jimmy said that it was a great honor for him to witness the moment of signing the agreement. He said that he looked forward to making more contribution to the exchange and cooperation between the two countries.

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