The 1st national protected animal cygnet found in Wuyuan River, Haikou
News source:Nanguo Dushibao / By Hu Chengyong and Ding Xin / 12 31,2019 11:16:05 / others

Photo by Chen Song

" The first national protected animal cygnet found in Wuyuan River, Haikou," on December 29, a message posted by the official WeChat account of the Haikou Wetland Protection Management Center attracted the attention of citizens. It is reported that this is the first discovery of cygnets in Haikou Wuyuanhe National Wetland Park, and it is also the first record of cygnets in Haikou.

Tan Shengli, a villager from Qionghua Village next to Wuyuan River, first spotted the cygnet in Haikou. According to him, as early as half a month ago, he found the "goose" near the village. "The long neck and the white feathers. At first, I thought it was a goose. Who knew it would fly?" Tan Shengli said, when he found that the "goose" could fly, he took a photo with his phone,asked people for help. Finally, he determined that this was a cygnet, a national second-level protected animal.

"I also went to the Wuyuan River in the past two days. This is indeed a cygnet!" said Chen Song, director of the Haikou Wetland Protection Management Center. The cygnet generally overwinters in East China or the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. This time, it was Haikou's first record of a cygnet. According to the appearance of feathers, this cygnet should be still "underage". "The reason why it appears here is that it may have flown here and been left behind. There are currently many possibilities," Chen Song said.

It is informed that on December 11 this year, a forest ranger also found a cygnet in Danzhou. "The two cygnets found in our province this year are the first time that the species have been recorded in Hainan,"said Lu Gang, an expert who has long been concerned about the ecological environment of Hainan, pointed out that the emergence of cygnets indicates that Hainan has a very good wetland habitat. In recent years, with the addition of professional monitoring forces and long-term monitoring of volunteers, Hainan has found records of many new species.

Since vigorously carrying out comprehensive ecological management, endangered aquatic plants such as water ferns, wild rice, and Ottelia cordata have been discovered in Haikou Wuyuanhe National Wetland Park, as well as many wild animals and plants such as Red Jungle Fowls, Accipiter badius, bee-eaters, etc. Besides, earlier this year, white pelicans that have not been recorded in Hainan for decades have been found in the waters near Wanning and Haikou Meirenpo.

A cygnet (scientific name: Cygnus columbianus) is a large waterfowl with body length of 110-130 cm and weight of 4-7 kg. The female bird is slightly smaller. Its sound is crisp, like a whistle. Cygnets mainly inhabit large lakes, reservoirs, ponds, and rivers with reeds, pampas and other aquatic plants in winter. They also appear in wet grasslands and flooded plains, swamps, beaches, estuaries, and sometimes even farmlands.

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