Various ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve for 2020 in Hainan
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Watching the sunrise on the top of mountain is a good way to welcome the new year. The picture shows the view of Wuzhishan National Nature Reserve. (Photo by Feng Shuo/Hainan Daily)

Wishes for a new year: bell strike and countdown  

The celebration for the new year’s eve in Hainan features the characteristic folk custom activities. On the New Year's Eve, many Hainanese in communities and villages will spontaneously perform on stage, such as singing Yazhou folk songs and Qiong operas, and other performances with local cultural characteristics, expressing best wishes for the coming new year, which also help the tourists integrate into the local life and experience the cultural charm.

In Sanya, visiting Nanshan Temple and striking auspicious bells is one of the ways to welcome the New Year. On the evening of December 31st each year, citizens and tourists gather together in Nanshan Scenic Area to participate in the bell strike event, which has been held for nearly 20 years and has become one of the highlights of Hainan's folk festival cultural activities.

The bell strike activities for a new year are held in Nanshan every year. (Photo by Wei Wu/Hainan Daily)

Another activity for New Year’s Eve revelry, “Scene of Poem in Qilou” Immersive 5D Phantom Time Experience Show, will be on stage at Haikou Qilou Old Street. “Different from the ordinary performance and shows, the “Scene of Poem in Qilou” activity, without any seat on the scene, will allow the audience to walk around and even take photos,” said Li Yan, the chief director of the activity, adding that they hope with the show presenting the history of Haikou, the audience could appreciate the charm of the city when walking across the old street.

In Sanya Haichang Ocean Park, people can enjoy the coastline scenery on the 88-meter-high Ferris Wheel, and there will be a lighting countdown on New Year's Eve, allowing visitors from all over the world to count down, cheer and make a wish to the new year together.

Sunrise viewing: watching the first sunrise of the new year

For many people, it is a great enjoyment to go to the beach or rest in a homestay on the top of the mountain or just go camping to wait for the sunrise of the new year, rather than to join in the revelry.

The sunrise at Dongzhai Port National Nature Reserve. (Photo by Li Xinghuang/Hainan Daily)

The people living near Dongzhai Port in the east of Haikou maybe enjoy the sun earlier than those living in the urban area. Around Shanweitou village in Yanfeng Town is the endless mangrove forests, along with rosy dawn, rising sun, morning fog, egrets, trees and seaport, forming a beautiful morning landscape. And such a wonderful new beginning of the first day of the new year will impress those living here and evoke their reverie for the future.

Another good place to receive the baptism of the new year's sunlight is the Tongguling in Wenchang City and the stone park at its foot. In the middle of the two places, there is a Buddhist temple facing the sea at the Xiao’ao Bay. In the evening of a sunny day, you can see the sunset shining from the back of the Buddha statue, which looks very sacred.

If you like the beauty of the original ecology, you can also go to Ledong Jianfeng Ridge. There is a wooden platform on the top of the mountain, which is very suitable for camping to watch the sunrise. When the sun rises slowly at the beginning of the new year, the beautiful tropical rain forest scenery gradually comes into view, presenting the memorably breathtaking sunrise and the sea of clouds.

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