The 4th Chinese Literature Boao Forum
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During the 4th Chinese Literature Boao Forum, participants discussed the topic "From Novel to Film: How Literature Intervenes in the Public Vision".

In the discussion, the big shots delivered their speeches. The followings are their golden sentences.

Zhao Benfu (Honorary Member of the Chinese Writers Association, author of the novel "A World Without Thieves"): Movies and novels are usually mutually related. All good novels should be adaptable to films, and of course they can have different styles. Some film and television companies only make money and not for making movies and television as a career. Novelists must be sober about this, and they should cooperate with the good film companies. A classic film must be a work with profound literary skills, otherwise it is difficult to go international.

Xu Xiaobin (writer, the national first-level screenwriter): Novels are often individualized, and film and television are collective products. In the process from fiction to film and television, editors, producers, and publishers are constantly changing the scripts. Does its artistic effect increase or decrease? It is worthy of study. Good novels and movies are like Russian matryoshka, in the end, they can be stripped of its most beautiful core.

Qu Chunjing (Professor of Shanghai Film Academy): No matter how well the novel is written, it cannot express the image well. Film and television are controlled by capital. Novelists can write with a pen and paper or a computer. The transition from fiction to film should achieve a win-win goal.

The way the novel speaks is different and has an impact on the presentation of film and television. The discourse methods of the May 4th period and contemporary novels are not the same. The former is difficult to change film and television, and the latter is relatively easy. The former is often the author saying that it is telling, the latter often directly brings the character to the foreground, which is showing.

Zhang Dexiang (Vice-Chairman and Professor of the Chinese Artists Association): Like crops, literature grows. Similar to food, film and television are produced. Film and television works may be made from crops, such as steamed buns, cakes and noodles, and they may be sold at a better price.

As a novelist, we still have to work hard to plant good crops.

Zhao Mei (Chairman of Tianjin Writers Association): Although our age is getting old, whether we are writing novels or working in the creation of movies, with the company of writing, life is still beautiful.

Mei Guoyun (Full-time Vice Chairman of the Hainan Provincial Writers Association): Literature was spread through story-telling when paper and pens were not invented. For example, ancient people told myths and stories, and passed it by word of mouth. After the invention of printing, the carrier of literature was paper. As human beings enter into information technology, literature has the most abundant carriers, such as storytelling, paper books, newspapers and periodicals, electronic books, and images. At each stage of humankind, there will be a mainstream literary carrier for each stage. After the invention of printing, paper has been the mainstream for more than 2,000 years, and storytelling has gradually become non-mainstream. After the information technology reaches a certain level in the future, the mainstream of literary carriers will be video. What never changes is the idea of the writer, and the change is only the carrier. Applying pattern generation technology, the idea of future writers can then generate images. Therefore, today's writers must be integrated into the era of writing literary works in the lens, so that more people can read and watch them.

Liu Xinglong (Chairman of Hubei Literary and Art Federations): Every good work has a striking appearance. If the investment capital of film and television is too greedy or pay too much attention to the benefits, it will hurt the artwork.

Hai Fei (writer, screenwriter): Some screenwriters can write novels, and their novels are not even lost to novelists.

Film and television and fiction can benefit each other, and film and television can  make novels go further.

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