The hustle and bustle of Hainan Winter Trade Fair 2019
News source:hihainan / By Yuan Chen, Jin Nannan / 12 13,2019 16:30:00 / Life

On December 12th, the Hainan Winter Trade Fair 2019 was bustling and full of people. [Photo/Yuan Chen]

On December 12th, China(Hainan) International Tropical Agricultural Products Winter Trade Fair 2019 kicked off in Haikou. About 5,300 guests and businessmen from 32 countries join in it, seeking for the business opportunities. On the first day of the Winter Trade Fair, oceans of visitors and citizens came to the fair. 

The Mongolian Pavilion of the Winter Trade Fair and its exotic performance attracted plenty of visitors. [Photo/Yuan Chen]

A customer was paying through Wechat Pay at the Mongolian Pavilion.

[Photo/Yuan Chen]

The interesting design of Qionghai Pavilion attracts visitors. [Photo/Yuan Chen]

The Wenchang Pavilion boasts diverse local agricultural products such as Wenchang chicken and coconut water. [Photo/Yuan Chen]

The Baisha Pavilion was filled with visitors. [Photo/Yuan Chen]

A craftsman was weaving at the Changjiang Pavilion, and many citizens were attracted. [Photo/Yuan Chen]

A customer was buying green tea at the Winter Trade Fair. [Photo/Yuan Chen]

Chengmai Pavilion is quite attractive. [Photo/Yuan Chen] 

Visitors can taste the fruit first and buy it afterwards. [Photo/Yuan Chen]

A seller was introducing products to a customer. [Photo/Yuan Chen]

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