The happy life of a Russian mother in Hainan
News source:Nanguo Dushibao / By Wang Hui, Jin Nannan, and Ding Xin / 12 11,2019 17:41:11 / others

Anastasia and her son [photo/Wang Hui]

Lapinskaia Anastasia who comes from Russia lives in the Rongyu zone on Haidian Island. Anastasia usually walks along the seaside with her son and chats with her neighbors.

Living in Hainan for seven years, Anastasia starts her business here with great success and lives a cozy and happy life. She expressed her deep love towards Hainan, the Hainan people and the life here. She regards herself as a new Hainanese.

Fall in love with Hainan: " Hainan is so beautiful and life is just perfect here!"

Lapinskaia Anastasia's hometown is Vladivostok, Russia. She told reporters that in addition to the heavy pressure of life, Vladivostok's extremely cold winter weather made her dream of living in a tropical city. "My hometown has a high latitude. Before winter comes, we need to prepare quilts and heating for quite early." Recalling life in her hometown, Ren Chenxi smiled and shook her head.

In 2012, Lapinskaia Anastasia left her hometown and came to Hainan, where was as warm as spring. She still remembers her first visit to Haikou, where the warm weather and fresh air delighted her and her family. "I heard that China is developing rapidly and many cities have bright futures." Lapinskaia Anastasia also knew Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, but eventually chose to live in Hainan. She hopes to give children the most suitable living environment.

Lapinskaia Anastasia has been living in Haidian Island in Haikou, and she has not even changed her rented community. "My home is next to Baishamen Park, and a few steps away is the sea. There is a Carrefour supermarket nearby. Life is just perfect here!" Every evening, square dance enthusiasts will come to the leisure square on time and dance cheerfully with the rhythm of the music. It lets her feel the vitality of life.

Lapinskaia Anastasia feels the beauty of Hainan, the prosperity of Hainan, and the strong humanistic care of Hainan. "Thanks to the government for its care and warmth, and I want to give a lot of praise to the local police!" In the eyes of Lapinskaia Anastasia, Hainan is not only beautiful but also people here are very kind. She said that Hainan's police are enthusiastic and kind. Police here always help the masses to solve their difficulties and show her that Haikou is a safe and friendly city.

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