Producer of Film Service Finland Daniel Kuitunen expects Hainan’s filmmakers to shoot in Finland
News source:hiHainan / By Shi Yihan and Wu Xingcai / 12 05,2019 16:02:19 / Focus on Hainan

From December 1st to 8th, the 2nd Hainan Island International Film Festival (HIIFF) is held in Sanya. As one of the highlights of this film festival, H! Market exhibition has attracted extensive attention of related institutions from all over the world. Visitors can  learn about the development trends of the Chinese and foreign film markets in the exhibition area. Daniel Kuitunen, the producer of Film Service Finland, said that the second Hainan Island International Film Festival provided a platform for him to communicate with filmmakers from all over the world, and he also expected that the filmmakers in Hainan can make a film in Finland.

“First of all I think the film festival is well organized. It's surprisingly that it has such a large scale. We have been to the sea beach cinema, so we saw some of the surrounding nature around Sanya, it looks really beautiful,” said Daniel Kuitunen. In addition, Daniel Kuitunen was looking forward to cooperating with local film companies in Hainan,"If I have a story that needs surroundings of southern China, I will definitely choose to film in Hainan, it has unlimited potential as the filming location." 

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