Italian filmmaker Sabrina Baracetti to promote HIIFF to Europe
News source:hiHainan / By Shi Yihan, Xu Shenglan, Ding Xin / 12 03,2019 16:46:00 / Focus on Hainan

On December 3, "Asian Cinema in Europe" panel of the 2nd Hainan Island International Film Festival kicked off in Sanya, Hainan. International planners of different major film festivals gathered together to share their opinions towards the development of Asian film industry. 

Sabrina Baracetti, President of Udine FAR EAST film,said that it's her first time here and she could see the young audience are very passionate, so she thinks the most important element for an international film festival is to have audience.

“When I go back for sure I will promote this festival with many producers in Italy. I would say that the most important thing for a film festival is trying to invite the filmmakers. Because if you want to make a film they have to come here and meet the people and the audience, and this is also the best way to promote the film festival itself,” said Sabrina. 

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