"Tourism + Cigar" stimulates new vitality in industrial development
News source:Hainan Daily / By Ding Xin, Lin Shuxi, Li Ke, and Li Qiang / 11 25,2019 17:45:00 / News

On November 23rd, in the  Guangcun Cigar Town of Danzhou City, tourists danced with foreign actors. Photo/Lin Shuxi and Meng Jianxue

Cute clown at the event. Photo/Lin Shuxi and He Wenxin

A wedding show staged in the Guangcun Cigar Town. Photo/Lin Shuxi and Meng Jianxue

Visitors watch the cigar roll process. Photo/Lin Shuxi and He Wenxin

The colorful night of Guangcun Cigar Town. Photo/Lin Shuxi and Meng Jianxue

On the afternoon of November 23, in the Guangcun Cigar Town of Danzhou City, the 2019 7th Hainan (Danzhou) Cigar Cultural Tourism Festival was held, and a one-month carnival officially kicked-off. Cigar Cultural Tourism Festival attracted a large number of citizens to visit and participate.

Since 2013, Danzhou has held Cigar Cultural Tourism Festival in Guangcun Cigar Town for 7 consecutive years, cultivating new businesses and new hot spots of Danzhou culture and tourism consumption. Today, Cigar Cultural Tourism Festival has become a cultural tourism brand in Danzhou and even in Hainan and plays a positive role in promoting the development of the cigar industry in Danzhou.

This year's scale of the cigar festival is larger than the previous ones. During the one-month event, there are cigar theme activities such as the Chinese Cigar Product Promotion Tasting and Master Meeting Exchange Forum, the First Cigar Slow Smoke Challenge, the Ash Competition, the Cigar Base Inspection, the Cigar Culture Seminar, the Cigar Roll Experience Salon, the Romantic Wedding Show that shows the outstanding cultural charm from home and abroad, and a large-scale performance of ASEAN students.

The organizers also prepared a series of night activities such as the Danzhou special gourmet snack tasting, the Danzhou famous special product shopping, and others. On the evening of November 23, the Chinese "music godfather" Luo Dayou, the Tang Dynasty band Ding Wu, Li Xingliang, some famous domestic rock singers, and new generation singers went to the Danzhou theme concert to offer a music feast to citizens and tourists.

"We are so excited to hear the songs of our favorite singers, " said li Yan.After the concert, Li Yan, who came from Chengmai to watch the concert, was still excited.

In the Chinese Cigar Product Promotion Tasting and Master Meeting Exchange Forum held on November 24th, the domestic cigar factory showed the latest achievements of domestic brand cigars. The corporate guests and cigar senior experts jointly made suggestions for the development of the Chinese cigar industry.

The Guangcun Cigar Town has impressed the founder and chairman of IACS a lot. “Danzhou is truly the home of Chinese tobacco. The quality of tobacco here is quite good,”said the chairman. He believes that the idea of ​​holding a cigar culture tourism festival is excellent, which can combine tobacco and cultural consumption. He suggested that more professional masterclasses and lectures should be held to guide visitors professionally. He hopes that the cigar culture tourism festival will continue to be held so that more people will pay attention to Chinese cigars and promote the development of the industry.

During this year's Cigar Cultural Tourism Festival, while retaining the classical cigar culture activates, it also added creative activities such as clown performances, parade performances, romantic wedding catwalks, and intangible cultural heritage experiences. On the evening of November 24th, as one of the 20th Hainan Island Carnival activities, the ASEAN university students' performance and award ceremony were held in Guangcun Cigar Town. The organizers invited the ASEAN students' art delegation to showcase a batch of wonderful performances from various countries such as South Korea, Thailand, and Malaysia. The event promoted cultural exchanges between China and ASEAN countries, adding a splendid color to the current cigar culture tourism festival.

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