The Brazilian mainstream media praised Hainan for BRICS cooperation
News source:hiHainan / By Chen Shumin and Chen Weilin / 11 20,2019 17:06:00 / Business

The 11th BRICS Summit was held in the Brazilian capital city of Brasilia, with the focus on the cooperation on scientific and technological innovation. During the summit, the Brazilian mainstream media "Folha De S.Paulo" released a whole page report on the highlights of the technological development in Hainan, China's largest Pilot Free Trade Zone, entitled "The 'Intelligent Island' Hainan to contribute the second 'Golden Decade' of the BRICS cooperation".

The report pointed out that as the world is facing common problems such as economic recovery, data revolution and technology leadership, openness and innovation are the two main forces to drive the world's economy and globalization. Hainan, the only tropical island province in China, has been contributing its own unique wisdom and strength to global win-win development since the establishment of the pilot free trade zone in 2018.

Taking Haikou Fuxing City as an entry point, the report explored the development trend of Hainan's Internet industry. Fuxing City is the “Internet +” innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration base and Internet industry gathering area, which is a key project built by Hainan. There are a total of 771 registered enterprises in Fuxing City, including Alibaba, Ant Financial, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Iqiyi, and Toutiao. The article also mentioned another park, Hainan Ecological Software Park, which has been transformed into a garden-style industrial park from a cattle-ridden wasteland 10 years ago. There are 3,651 Internet and software companies in the park, including Tencent, Baidu, Huawei, ChinaSoft, India NIIT and other companies, with over 14,000 employees and a daily revenue of more than 5.5 million yuan.

Haikou Fuxing City.

It is reported that currently Hainan has become a fertile ground for the development of the Internet industry. Among the world-famous Chinese Internet companies, Alibaba's revenue in Hainan has exceeded 8 billion yuan in 2018, and another giant Tencent has the revenue of more than 2 billion yuan. In addition, the Jingdong Trade Regional Headquarters in Sanya has yielded the revenue of more than 3 billion yuan for one year, while the business of Baidu Hainan Ecological Village is progressing smoothly. The Internet industry has been the fastest growing key industry in Hainan for three consecutive years, and Hainan has also become the fastest growing province in the country.

Alibaba in Haikou Fuxing City.

The article also paid attention to the development of blockchain in Hainan. China's first blockchain pilot zone has been launched in Hainan Ecological Software Park, attracting more than 100 blockchain companies and institutions, such as the Blockchain Research Institute of Oxford University, Baidu Blockchain Lab and Huobi China, to strive to build Hainan into a digital and intelligent island.

With the development of the Hainan Pilot Free Trade Zone and the free trade ports with Chinese characteristics, as the report indicated, Hainan will witness a stronger momentum in intellectual economy. It is worth expecting that the “intelligent Island” Hainan will bring together resources from all over China and the world, and promote the exchange of the generated technologies, products and ideas, creating a global innovation-oriented industrial highland, to accelerate the cooperation among the BRICS in the second "Golden Decade".

Hainan Ecological Software Park.(Photo by Zhang Mao/Hainan Daily)

Founded in 1921, the "Folha De S.Paulo" is the mainstream newspaper with the largest circulation in Brazil and one of the leading newspapers in South America.

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