The 2019 Guantang Hot Spring Consumption Season is about to kick-off
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2019 Hainan Guantang Hot Spring Cultural Tourism Consumption Season is about to kick off. On November 19th, the Guantang Hot Spring Resort in Jiaji Town, Qionghai City is fully ready to welcome its guests. From November 22nd to December 1st, it will lead the public to enjoy the beauty of Guantang Hot Spring from all aspects for 10 consecutive days.

It is informed that there will be 7 theme activities in the 2019 Hainan Guantang Hot Spring Cultural Tourism Consumption Season, covering catering, accommodation, travel, tourism, shopping, and entertainment. The event was hosted by Qionghai Tourism and Culture Radio and Television Sports Bureau and hosted by the Hainan Branch of Beijing Badachu Holding Group.

The "first-class hot spring"

 “Guantang Hot Spring is the national certificated first-class hot spring water, and the water quality is the geothermal mineral water with medical value,” According to the relevant person in charge of the Department of Qionghai Culture and Tourism, the National Commission of Mineral Reserves organized senior experts to explore the Guantang geothermal mineral water in 1994. The results found that the spring water flow of the hot spring reached 10,000 tons and the temperature was 70 °C to 90 °C. It was certificated that Guantang Hot Spring was first-class hot spring water and was designated as the national-level large-scale hot spring.

After continuous development, Guantang Hot Spring has formed a hot spring resort with a total area of ​​more than 20 square kilometers with a beautiful and pleasant environment. It is right now the most well-known international tourist resort in Qionghai City.

2019 Hainan Guantang Hot Spring Culture Tourism Consumption Season, with the theme of “Healthy Guantang, Ancient Hot Spring”, will focus on the Guantang Hot Spring Culture and vigorously promote the Qionghai Guantang Hot Spring brand. Through a series of activities, visitors will experience the charm of the hot spring.

Let you experience a "different Guantang", the one-stop experience of idyllic style and internationalization 

Although the core content of the Consumption Season is Guantang Hot Spring, tourists can still experience more tourism products outside the hot springs in Guantang Hot Spring Resort. Besides the well-known hot springs, Guantang Hot Spring Resort has Guantang Water Park, Guantang Meiling Lake, Five-Star InterContinental Holiday Hotel, Beijing Haidian Foreign Language Shi Yan School, one-stop commercial street, international standard golf course, etc. Visitors inside and outside the island can go to Guantang Xueyuan Town to experience the international style of the town, such as children's park, horse training base, water sports center, and Chinese medical clinic.

Also, there are several rural tourism and red tourist destinations in the north of the resort, such as Beireng Village, Yezizhai Village, and The Red Detachment of Women Memorial Park. Through the G98 Hainan Island Ring Expressway, visitors can also easily visit the Boao area of ​​Qionghai to go shopping in the Boao Duty-Free Shop and experience the artistic charm in the Nanqiang Village, the ecological beauty in Shamei Village, and the fishing culture in Tanmen Fishing Port.

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