Dennis: a Californian architect with his“Hainan dream”
News source:hiHainan / By Xu Shenglan and Shi Yihan / 11 18,2019 10:21:00 / Foreigners in Hainan

Dennis Nikolaev, from the United States, is the founder of Dennis Design Studio in Hainan Unican Science and Technology Innovation Institute, as well as a California registered architect who has over 20 years international working experience. Dennis started working as an architect since 2009 in China and he is also an expert in the field of tropical building complex.

He settled down in Hainan with his family in 2013. Along with his design team, Dennis hopes they can bring more “green space” to Hainan through integrating unique design projects and low carbon concept. Dennis believes that innovation is often originated from real-life experience.

Green walls designed by Dennis and his team.

In view of better integration of particularity and practicality, Dennis and his team focus on the design of iconic buildings. And a growing number of people start to pay attention to the foreign designers in Hainan. Dennis said that people who need normal projects may not come to them, but those who need a unique building or a different look outcome will seek cooperation with them. Therefore, aesthetic value plays an important role in their design projects.

Haikou Moli Innovation Works Projects that designed by Dennis and his team.

Meanwhile, Dennis and his team focus on the building design which is low carbon and environmental friendly. He said that at present, energy becomes more and more expensive and there are still the problem of energy waste. For him, this situation can be improved through environmental friendly design and green design, with the key to understand the environment around the building. Dennis believed since that Hainan is a tropical island with four spring-like seasons, designers need to have a good understanding of the tropical climate and weather.

"For example, if you make a very thick wall, it's really good for northern China, but here is the waste. What we're doing is using a kind of green walls, to protect buildings with plants. The transparent ceiling brings us a lot of natural light and a natural ventilation," said Dennis. He prefers to stay in the place surrounded by natural elements rather than the artificial lights.

Dennis and his team.

For Dennis and his team, the warm and beautiful Hainan tends to be a niche for them to apply their designs. "With the construction of the Hainan Pilot Free Trade Zone and the free trade port with Chinese characteristics, we are very excited that as more business come in and the more need for special and unique buildings arises, we will participate actively because we already know the local market, we know the local climate and we can bring the global experience to Hainan. So I'm really looking forward as this is going to start," said Dennis.

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