Haikou's air quality ranks 1st among national key cities for 6 consecutive years
News source:Hainan Daily / By Ding Xin and Xi Jihong / 11 15,2019 15:57:00 / News

On November 14th, a 57-year-old "migratory bird" Yang Lianxiu went out with his the grandson to take a walk after dinner.

"The air outside is fresh, and the weather is cool. It is very comfortable to take a walk." Yang Lianxiu told the report of Hainan Daily that he had spent the winter time in Haikou for 13 consecutive years. His two-year-old grandson with asthma had stayed in Haikou for two weeks, and the symptoms of asthma had been relieved a lot.

"The good air quality can be seen as the medicine for my grandson," said Yang Lianxiu, whose feelings are also reflected in the air quality data. At the end of October, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment released the national air quality rankings from January to September 2019, and Haikou once again ranked no.1 among the 168 key cities nationwide.

The residents' feelings are the best testers of the air quality. In the “Evaluation of the Ecological Civilization Index” issued by the Chinese Academy of Engineering this year, Haikou’s air quality ranked the first among the national key cities for six consecutive years. “Haikou’s air pollution control work has achieved remarkable results in recent years. Since 2017, Haikou has never seen any weather that the particulates exceed the standard.” Experts of Hainan Research Academy of Environmental Sciences pointed it out according to a statistical table.

In order to protect the blue sky, Haikou has issued a number of initiatives and documents, and set up the pollution prevention and control headquarters to vigorously carry out comprehensive air pollution control.

In addition to cut down the exhaust emissions, Haikou City has also accelerated the buses’ transformation and popularized the usage of new energy vehicles. "I am driving a pure electric bus, zero emissions and no pollution!" Zhou Naiding, the driver of No. 49 bus in Haikou City, said  proudly. It is informed that the number of clean energy and new energy buses in Haikou had exceeded 2,000. By 2020, Haikou will strive to achieve 100% clean energy buses with zero emissions.

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