Hainan International Tourism Consumption Year | Wandering in the rainforests
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Having a journey to enjoy the refreshing and comfortable Hainan Island is the most pleasant thing to do right now. It has recommended 50 routes to the public during the ongoing activities for Hainan International Tourism Consumption Year, including the ones “Wandering In the Rainforests·A Deep Breath Among the Forests". Let's take a look at the recommended routes!

The Cyathea spinulosa in the Haiding Baihualing Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone is known as “living fossils”. (Photo by Su Xiaojie/Hainan Daily)

Recommended Route 1: 5 days and 4 nights tour for rainforest exploration 

Sanya Huochetou Seafood Market→ Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park → Wuzhishan Mountain Red Canyon Rafting→ Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone 

After a meal of seafood near the seaside, don't forget that Hainan has a great ecological environment. Yalong Bay National Tourism Resort is surrounded by Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park. It has 1506 hectares of urban green living environment, more than 1,500 species of tropical plants and more than 190 species of wild animals. It is a veritable natural oxygen bar.

Located at Nansheng Town of Wuzhishan City, the main tourism project of Wuzhishan Mountain Red Canyon area is rafting in the mountains. It allows the tourists to drift down the mountain and enjoy the coolness of water splashing.

The primitive rainforest inn Hainan Bawangling National Nature Reserve.(Photo by Su Xiaojie/Hainan Daily)

Recommended Route 2: 5 days and 4 nights tour to the primitive rainforest

Baoting Shenyudao Holiday Hotel→ Baoting Shenyu Culture Park → Baoting Yuanzhen Rainforest Agricultural Park→ Baoting Qixianling Hot Spring National Forest Park to experience hot springs and tropical rainforest→ Sanya Tropical Paradise Forest Park

It is a unique experience to go for a hot spring spa in the mountain rainforest. As a large eco-tourism area integrating peaks, hot springs and rainforest, Qixianling Hot Spring National Forest Park consists of two parts, the hot spring area and the forest area. 

Here, the concentration of negative oxygen ions is as high as 8,200 per cubic centimeter. The hot springs in the scenic spot are rich in silicic acid and sodium carbonate, which is a good for health.

Recommended Route 3: 4 days and 3 nights tour for immersing yourself in the rainforest

Ledong Jianfengling National Forest Park→Jianfengling Tianchi→Jianfengling Mingfenggu Rainforest Boardwalk→ Wuzhishan National Forest Park

For those who like quietness, they can go to Hainan Jianfengling National Forest Park, 90 kilometers away from Sanya City. It is one of the largest and best preserved tropical primitive forests in China and was rated as one of the “Top Ten Most Beautiful Forest Parks in China” in 2005. With few artificial attractions, there are more tropical primitive forests here with more original beauty.

Recommended Route 4: 5 days and 4 nights self-driving tour

Wuzhishan Grand Canyon Rafting→Baoting Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone→ Baoting Qixianling Hot Springs→Baoting Qixianling Hot Spring National Forest Park→Baoting Bulongsai Rural Cultural Tourism Zone→Sanya Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park→ Lingshui Fenjiezhou Island

For self-driving tourists, in addition to drifting and hot springs, you can also go to the Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone, where the average annual temperature is 24 degrees. Wandering in the rainforest, you can feel the fresh coolness.

In the Bulongsai Rural Cultural Tourism Zone, blocks of two-storey villas with bright colors and  the style of Li nationality are particularly eye-catching. Visitors can stay for a day, experience the fun of farming, or have a good barbecue.

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