This is Hainan Episode 3: Experiencing Qiong Opera
News source:hihainan / By Jin Nannan, Zheng Guangping / 11 03,2019 20:04:00 / This is Hainan
Qiong opera(Hainan Opera) is a special local opera that is quite popular among Hainan people and overseas Chinese in southeast Asia. As one of the intangible cultural heritages of China, the Qiong opera belongs to Nanxi opera with a long history and is one of the four great operas including Cantonese opera, Chao opera, Han opera. It describes touching stories and is full of philosophy and easy to understand, showing a special charm from local art. In Hainan, the opera exists everywhere such as old streets, parks, villages and theaters, people can hear its special melodies wherever they go. Randy was invited as the guest host of the third episode of This is Hainan, and he will take us to learn and experience this traditional opera.

This episode includes Qiong opera experience on campus, a look backstage of the Qiong opera theater, appreciating the opera in a local park and Qilou old street. Throughout diverse types of performance scenes. Randy also wore the opera costume, learned how to perform the opera movements and play an opera instrument, in order to experience the opera and feel the charm of this traditional culture. As a local art and culture, the opera features folk customers and energy. Although people’s life is modernized nowadays, the Qiong opera exists in the local people’s hearts and even overseas Chinese’ hearts in Southeast Asia with its special charm and artistic vitality.

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