Sanya issued Hainan's first foreigner temporary driving permit
News source:This is Hainan / By Sha Xiaofeng and Ding Xin / 11 03,2019 17:55:00 / Policies & Regulations

On the morning of August 1, Mettia Melillo, a tourist from Italy presented a temporary driving permit at Phoenix International Airport. Photo/ reporter Sha Xiaofeng

"This is the first temporary driving permit I took in Hainan," on the morning of August 1, the tourist from Italy Mettia Melillo told the reporter from On the same day, the traffic police station set up by the Sanya City Public Security Bureau (PSB) at Phoenix International Airport is officially launched. Foreigners may apply for temporary driving permits as required.

On August 1st, a tourist from Italy, Mettia Melillo, took a temporary driving permit at Phoenix International Airport. Photo/ reporter Sha Xiaofeng

The process of the one-year Chinese temporary driving permit only took the Italian tourist five minutes at the Sanya Phoenix International Airport arrival hall, which greatly facilitated his future travel. This is also the first foreigner temporary driving permit issued in Hainan.

On the morning of August 1, the staff issued a temporary driving permit for the tourist from Italy, Mettia Melillo (left). Photo/ reporter Sha Xiaofeng

In order to further facilitate the travel of overseas personnel in Hainan, in July this year, the Ministry of Public Security launched three pilot policies in Hainan for facilitating the entry of foreigners and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan district residents. These three pilot policies are officially implemented on August 1. After the Hainan relaxes the restrictions for applying for a temporary driving permit, the applicant can be exempted from physical condition examinations. In this case, the applicant only need to provide inbound and outbound identity documents, overseas motor vehicle driving licenses, translated documents, and two one-inch photos. It meets different needs for the visitors.

The media at Phoenix International Airport interviewed Mettia Melillo. Photo/ reporter Sha Xiaofeng

The relevant person in charge of the traffic police station of the Sanya PSB said that they would set up traffic management service stations at harbors, ports, etc. These service stations will facilitate the process of temporary driving permits for visitors. And it will actively implement online appointment applications,online services, and studying materials including multi-lingual driver handbooks and driving reminders for temporary entry drivers.

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