French newspaper "Le Figaro" focused on the development of Haikou with a half-page report
News source:This is Hainan / By Chen Shumin and Ji Sijia / 10 10,2019 17:24:00 / Business

On October 9, the French newspaper Le Figaro released a half-page report titled “The ‘coconut city’ boosted by the expansion of China’s largest free trade zone” to focus on the economic and social development of Haikou.

The report related to Haikou's development in Le Figaro.

Le Figaro is a French daily morning newspaper and one of the largest newspaper in France. The report indicated, the construction of pilot free trade zone and free trade port has become the new drive to boost Haikou’s economic development. As the key pilot area of Hainan Pilot Free Trade Zone and Free Trade Port with Chinese characteristics, Jiangdong New District is the most experimental field of the construction.

Haikou city is on the way to the prosperous development.

Since the establishment of Jiangdong New District in June last year, Haikou municipal committee and the government has been promoting the construction of the New District with high standard and quality, focusing on bringing in the international regional headquarters of large enterprises, with the aims to developing headquarter economy, modern financial, modern service, technological exhibition, cultural creativity, education and ecological economy.

Attracting investment is the major measure for Haikou’s opening and development. Haikou aims to conduct peer-to-peer investment with the Fortune Global 500 companies, global leading enterprises and well-known brand companies, and actively carry out promotion activities and targeted investment activities, so as to achieve the transformation from extensive investment to accurate investment.

The view of Haikou West Coast.

Meanwhile, under the steady construction of the Pilot Free Trade Zone and Free Trade Port, Haikou, as a coastal city, is actively taking advantages of its unique resources and developing new forms of cultural tourism business, so that a group of characteristic cultural tourism industries gradually emerge and further stimulate the consumption market.

As Haikou is fully boosting the construction of featured night markets, there have been 16 hot night markets integrating snacks, restaurants, shopping malls and amusement facilities, which becomes one kind of the most beautiful night landscape of Haikou.

Featured night markets in Haikou.

In addition, guided by the needs of the international tourism market, Haikou holds a number of international cultural events such as the Miss World Global Finals Talents Competition, which has greatly enhanced the international level of Haikou.

In the coming future, Haikou will vigorously carry out the activities related to the International Tourism Consumption Year, innovate consumption carrier, and develop nighttime economy, fan economy, the food tour to the night markets as well as more hot spots, in a bid to expand the tourism consumption.

The consumers go shopping in the free-duty stores in Haikou.

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