Hainan canceled the construction permit and developed the joint checkout and acceptance
News source:English Channel Hinews.cn / By Shi Yihan / 02 19,2019 16:10:36 / Policies & Regulations

Hainan would carry out various works for reducing the approval time of the whole process of engineering construction projects.

Carrying out the reform of turning construction permit into construction record

Hainan has taken the lead in carrying out the management measures for adjusting the construction permits to the construction record in the whole country. The projects with construction condition were informed and promised by applicants, the construction department no longer reviewed the concrete content of the construction condition one by one, but directly carried on the construction record.

After the construction permit turning into the construction record, it would strengthen the supervision of the construction condition, which was beneficial to the integrity construction. On the other hand, it could construct the main responsibility of different construction parties. For the applicants who had false promises and other acts of fraud, they would be counted into the integrity file, revoking the permits, revoking the records and other punishments. Trying to create the project approval management system with the lowest examination and approval, the highest work efficiency and the best investment environment, realizing the reform goal of the best business environment in the whole country and the leading international market.

Realizing the joint checkout and acceptance, optimizing the acceptance process of construction project 

The joint checkout and acceptance of construction project in Hainan would use new mode of “one acceptance, parallel checkout and acceptance, time-limited settlement”, optimizing the acceptance process of construction project, improving the acceptance efficiency of complete project and the degree of facilitation.

The joint checkout and acceptance of construction projects would rely on a unified online platform to complete the application, information exchange, data checkout and so on.

Comparing with other cities in China, the scope of Hainan's joint checkout and acceptance extended to construction projects such as transportation and water conservancy except the housing construction and municipal projects.

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