The administrative examination and approval of Haikou Customs to be processed online
News source:This is Hainan / By Liu Ping and Ding Xin / 08 12,2019 18:46:57 / Policies & Regulations

According to Haikou Customs, the first decision on approval of administrative license stamped with administrative electronic seal for an outbound production, processing and storage enterprise, which marks the electronic seal function on the online processing platform for Haikou Customs has been successfully started and the whole online examination and approval process of Haikou Customs is realized.

At present, all the 12 items of administrative examination and approval acceptable by Haikou Customs have been processed online. And the electronic seal function has been enabled, which involves in the administrative examination and approval of the establishment of export supervision warehouse and bonded warehouse.

On July 1, the electronic seals such as administrative seals and special seals for administrative licenses of the online processing platform of Haikou Customs was officially launched. For the administrative licensing matters fall within the scope online processing platform, enterprises can submit the application for administrative examination and approval through the online processing platform, check the processing status in real time, and then download and print the legal documents affixed with customs administrative seal and special seal for administrative license, without need to obtain them by self pickup or mailing.

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