Hainan released the second batch of five free trade zone system innovation results
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On April 11, the Provincial Party Committee Deep Reform Office (FTTA) held a press conference of the system innovation cases (the second batch) of the China (Hainan) Pilot Free Trade Zone in Haikou, and released the second batch of five free trade zone systems innovation results, which are:

1. Creating the first “migrant bird” talent workstation

More than one million people visit to Hainan for holiday each year. Comparing with other provinces, Hainan has a large number of people including many high-level talents. Hainan creates the first “migrant bird” talent workstation for supporting the medical and health care services, and other kind of services by relying on colleges and universities, research institutes, medical and health institutions, industrial parks, urban communities, township streets, property communities, enterprises. More than forty “migrant bird” talent workstations were establish with relevant online service platform.

2. Three types of statutory bodies such as corporation aggregate are implemented at the provincial level

In order to build an administrative management system that is compatible with the free trade pilot zone and the free trade port with Chinese characteristics, Hainan has established the International Economic Development Bureau, the Provincial Big Data Administration, and the Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone at the provincial level. According to different tasks and reform pilot needs, the three types of registration of corporation aggregate, institution as legal person and corporate legal persons are adopted, for exploring different organizational forms and operational mechanisms under the condition that the basic attributes of the statutory institutions are maintained as a whole.

Through specialized and enterprise operations, the three types of statutory institutions allow market mechanisms to play an important role in public management and services, better integrate government, market and social resources, and provide professional, efficient, and high-level public management. It is also conducive to attracting all parties to participate in the operation of statutory bodies, to maximize social vitality, to promote various policies endowed by the central government and to create a new pattern of public management and service.

3. The first single Huqiong free trade account linkage business

On January 1, 2019, the Hainan Free Trade Account (FT Account) system was officially launched, providing services such as cross-border revenue and expenditure, cross-border trade financing, local currency exchange based on offshore exchange rates, and loan placement. At present, there are 173 outlets in 5 banks in the province to open FT account business. Bank of China Hainan Branch was the first batch of pilot projects. It lays a foundation for further expanding the cooperation between the two regions' free trade pilot zones and continuing to explore the functions of free trade accounts. The free trade pilot zone's banking industry expands the scale of quality assets to participate in competition in overseas markets and enhance the level of internationalization.

4. A new model of sharing hospital - Boao Super Hospital

In 2013, the establishment of the Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone was approved, which has given nine preferential policies. The high-standard construction of Lecheng's pioneering area and Boao Super Hospital, the exploration of the hospital operation management system with sharing platform model in Hainan made this project become a pathfinder in China's medical open field.

Boao Super Hospital has innovated the operation management model and built a new shared hospital model of “1+X”, which is “a sharing hospital (platform) + several specialized clinical medical centers”. It established a multi-center consultation platform with various specialized hospitals, and a platform for cooperation and construction with the well-known professors from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and other countries and Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao and other regions. In the innovation and application of technology, medicine and medical equipment, it attracted the top three clinical specialties in China and a group of excellent medical institutions. In less than one year of operation, 17 top disciplines and eight academician workstations have been established. Boao Super Hospital has also been awarded the title of “Hainan Clinical Medicine Innovation Center” and “Hainan International Advanced Medical Technology Clinical Research Center”.

5. Taking the lead in implementing the inbound tariff guarantee insurance system for overseas yachts

Hainan develops the yacht industry with lots advantages in term of location, climate, ecology, natural environment, unique humanistic customs and market. Yacht tourism is rapidly growing into a new business mode for tourism consumption in Hainan. The yacht industry has a broad development space and huge market potential. At present, China implements a tariff guarantee system for self-driving entry of overseas yachts. Excessive entry guarantees and complicated procedures restrict the freedom of yachts. Haikou Customs is the first in the country to apply the tariff guarantee insurance system to the field of overseas yacht entry tariff guarantees for developing the yacht industry. The implementation of this system has greatly reduced the entry cost of overseas yachts. Since the implementation of the policy in January 2019, seven overseas yachts have entered the country through the inbound tariff guarantee insurance system.

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