Hainan BOC launches intl trade "single window" financial services
News source:This is Hainan / 04 19,2019 10:11:10 / Policies & Regulations

On April 18th, under the guidance of the provincial port office, the Bank of China Hainan Branch successfully handled the province's first international trade "single window" cross-border remittance, account opening appointments, etc., which marked China international trade's "single window" financial service module was successfully launched in Hainan province and the service functions were fully upgraded.

According to the unified deployment of the State Port Office, the 2019 international trade "single window" service platform has added functions, such as online appointment opening accounts, cross-border remittance, online handling the letter of guarantee, tax financing, and foreign exchange price inquiry, insisting that let the data "walk more" and let the company run "less errands". The new online cross-border remittance function enables enterprises to conduct information entry, upload background materials , and related customs declarations online, through the "single window" of international trade. The whole process is paperless online, which greatly increases the convenience of enterprises settlement; the function can realize the pre-examination of account-opening data and the electronic transmission of enterprises' information through time selection and related information collection, which effectively reduces the account-opening time and improves the enterprises' experience.

After learning about that Hainan became the first pilot launch area for the "single window" financial service function, Hainan Bank of China, with the guidance of the Provincial Port Office, actively promoted and assisted enterprises to understand how to use financial services function. After full preparation, the enterprises' business was smooth and experienced on the first day of the launch, which showed the convenience and efficiency of the optimization of the business environment in Hainan Free Trade Zone and Free Trade Port.

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