This is Hainan Episode 1: On the hunt for the traditional Hainan-style mooncake with Tommy Coleman
News source:This is Hainan / 09 17,2019 18:37:00 / This is Hainan

In the 1st episode of “This is Hainan”, our guest host Tommy Coleman from the United States, will take us on the hunt for the traditional Hainan-style mooncake. The traditional Hainan mooncakes has over a hundred-year history. Together we will discover the history and development of the local mooncake brand from a foreigner’s perspective.

Tommy Coleman is on the way to the Yao Rong Xiang Mooncake Store.

Tommy interviews Mr.Yao Shizhang, the third inheritor of the Hongxing Brand Hainan-style mooncake.

Tommy immerses himself in the heaven of the mooncakes.

Executive Producer: Han Chaoguang & Chen Jiafen

Chief Planner: Chen Shuhuan

Producer: Xu Shenglan

Director: Xu Shenglan & Shi Yihan

Cameraman/Editing: Shi Yihan & Jin Nannan

Subtitle: Jin Nannan

Hainan International Media Center & Hinews International Media Center Present

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