The Voice of Hainan: Haikou to scrap permanent residency requirements
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Haikou to scrap permanent residency requirements

Restrictions on permanent residency are set to be scrapped in Haikou in South China's Hainan province, according to a document released by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) on April 8.

The city of Haikou will abolish the previous requirement of an individual needing to have paid into local social security schemes for consecutive years. And new comers living in rental properties will become eligible to register for community residency accounts. 

The document released by the NDRC urges continued reform to China's hukou or household registration system which governs a citizen's access to public services.

Under the new policy, individuals with a residency card will enjoy guaranteed access to public services and social security benefits.

In addition, new arrivals in the city will enjoy the same access to housing, healthcare, social security and education as longstanding residents. And children from nonresident families will be eligible to register at public schools and take the gaokao or national college entrance exam in whichever city they live in.

In April last year, after the central government said Hainan would become a pilot free trade zone, the island announced it would aim to attract 1 million skilled workers. 

To help entice talents to the province, the government has unveiled a range of preferential policies to benefit the most in-demand workers, including assistance with education for their children, spousal employment, medical insurance, and help with purchasing a car.

Hainan to intensify free trade zone efforts

Province banks on special measures to retain, attract talent and further innovation drive

Hainan province needs to take special measures to attract and retain talent and promote innovation, to further its free trade zone efforts, a top academician said.

Yang Bin, vice-president of Tsinghua University, said Hainan still faces a shortage of talent, which will make it challenging for the region to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. An ecosystem needs to be formed to attract and retain talent in areas such as technology, international commerce and finance.

Aiming to attract 1 million talented individuals by 2025, progress in creating a favorable environment for innovation has already been made in Hainan, with measures taken to support free housing for topnotch personnel, child education, spousal employment, medical insurance and car purchases.

In February, Sun Dahai, deputy secretary-general of the Communist Party of China Hainan Provincial Committee, said systemic innovation has been the core of Hainan's efforts.

source:,China Daily

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