The Voice of Hainan: Hainan releases third batch of FTZ institutional innovation cases
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Hainan releases third batch of FTZ institutional innovation cases

 The CPC Hainan Provincial Committee Deep Reform Office (Free Trade Zone Office) released 12 free trade zone institutional innovation cases at a press conference held in Haikou on May 20.

These cases are all innovation achievements with Hainan characteristics, which fully reflect the standards of "initiative, implemented, effective, and reproducible". Most of them have certain references and promotion value due to receiving full recognition or special awards.

Sun Dahai, spokesperson of the CPC Hainan Provincial Committee, said that Hainan always attaches great importance to institutional innovation. The provincial economic work conference places emphasis on promoting institutional innovation in 12 major fields. The Sixth Plenary  Session of the Seventh CPC Hainan Provincial Committee has further proposed new requirements for the promotion of institutional innovation and made new arrangements for them. It claimed that all walks of life, all positions, and all links in Hainan must reflect on and promote institutional innovation, using it to solve problems encountered in the reform and opening up efforts, as well as promote a lawful, international, and convenient business environment, and an impartial, unified, and efficient market atmosphere.

He added that Hainan will continue to focus on institutional innovation, following the strategy of serving the country and the strategic orientation of "three districts and one center". Local government will coordinate and improve all aspects of institutional innovation, accelerate more institutional innovation cases that can be replicated throughout the country, and strive to play a "test area" role for national reform and opening up efforts.

The first International Forum on Free Trade Zones Development kicked off

At 9 a.m. May 21, the opening ceremony of International Forum on Free Trade Zones Development 2019 was officially held.

From May 21 to 22, the forum will be themed with “Creating Better Business Environment, Achieving New Heights of Free Trade”, and also invite about 1000 representatives from home and abroad to have an in-depth discussion about relevant issues of free trade zone.

During the forum, the guests discuss the strength of the development of Hainan Free Trade Zone, propose the constructive suggestions, and present the expectations for the future development of Hainan Free Trade Zone and Free Trade Port.

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