Hainan to build international education innovation island and shape the brand of “study in Hainan”
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In order to thoroughly implement the principle of the important speech of President Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CCP Central Committee, at the 30th anniversary conference marking the establishment of the special economic zone of Hainan Province, and fully implement the requirements of the Guidelines of the State Council of Central Committee of the CPC on Supporting Hainan to Deepen Reform and Opening-up, in accordance with China's Education Modernization 2035 and the Implementation Plan of Supporting the Deepening of Education Reform and Opening-up in Hainan, the Ministry of Education and the Hainan Provincial People's Government, research and formulate the Implementation Plan of Supporting the Deepening of Education Reform and Opening up in Hainan (hereinafter referred to as the Implementation Plan).

The Implementation Plan puts forward five key tasks: 

First, to create an international educational innovation island and establish a national experimental area for educational innovation and development, to improve the new mechanism of opening up schools, to build a brand of "Study in Hainan" and a new beacon for education on the Silk Road in the 21st century, and to implement a plan for introducing educational talents; 

Second, to promote the coordinated development of science and education industries to build a cluster of higher education with the integration of industry, education and research, build a platform for the coordinated development of regional education, support Hainan University to create world-class disciplines, and expand the autonomy of higher education; 

Third, to improve the level of education for the benefit of the people, promote the quality and efficiency of basic education, accelerate the development of modern vocational education, explore the establishment of a new qualification framework system in Hainan, improve the management and development mechanism of teachers, and build a demonstration zone of ecological education in Hainan; 

Fourth, to innovate the service mode of education, accelerate the development of trade in education services, promote the cross-border integration of "Education Plus" and improve the quality and efficiency of financial services supporting the development of education; 

Fifth, to increase the supply of education system, adhere to and strengthen the overall leadership of the Party, optimize the institutional environment of education reform and opening up, construct a modern education governance system, innovate the funding guarantee mechanism and enhance the ability of risk prevention and control.

The Implementation Plan has made clear guidance for Hainan's future deepening of the educational reform, and the expansion of the opening up of education.

(1)Creating an International Educational Innovation Island
Support the first-class overseas universities to develop cooperation in running schools in Hainan, and establish a joint examination and approval mechanism for international cooperation institutions (projects) at or above the undergraduate level. Under the premise of controllable risk, set up international high schools and kindergartens on a pilot basis to implement international education. On the premise of mature conditions, to pilot overseas engineering universities and vocational colleges to run schools independently in Hainan, and to explore foreign high-level enterprises to run schools solely in Hainan and support the establishment of Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run medical and health institutions of independent legal person in Hainan.

(2)Creating the brand of "Study in Hainan"
On the premise of standardizing management and improving quality, support to innovate the management mode of scholarship for foreign students, appropriately increase the number of foreign students, optimize the structure of source of students, increase the proportion of foreign students with academic qualifications, improve the supporting service system of study and life, and build brand schools of "Study in Hainan". To accelerate the construction of a number of schools for the children of foreigners and attract the children of overseas Chinese and foreigners to Hainan for basic education. Support the development of vocational training in Hainan on high-end housekeeping and tourism management for foreigners and overseas Chinese .  

(3)Aiming to build a new navigation mark for the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road
National-level humanities exchange centers in South China, and a number of Mandarin language promotion bases will be established. It will support Hainan to set up the Boao International Education Innovation Forum, build The Belt and Road Initiative Educational Museum, and establish The Belt and Road Initiative International Education Alliance. With the support of exchanges and cooperation with international organizations and international educational institutions, it will promote the headquarters, regional headquarters or research centers’ establishment in Hainan from international organizations, international educational institutions and international large-scale educational enterprises. To organize the International Center for the network of UNESCO Associated Schools.

(4)Implementing the education talent introduction plan
 To support Hainan to form a conventional recruitment mechanism for talent recruitment. To attract domestic and overseas outstanding graduates to work and start businesses in Hainan. To encourage outstanding foreign students and foreign talents who have obtained master's degree or above in Chinese universities to settle in Hainan and stay permanently.

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